Friday, October 14, 2016

Admiral Kuznetsov to enter English Channel Next Week

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Russians are now speaking of nuclear war often enough with the noted Russian Nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovksy stating plainly that Hillary Clinton will bring nuclear war and only Donald Trump will bring peace, is the verbal platform for Gun Boat Diplomacy as the Russian Navy has dispatched Russia's carrier strike force led by the Admiral Kuznetsov to enter the English Channel.

This is a message to England and France in the Russian Navy will conduct operations off their coasts, before taking station off Syria. Russia literally now has it's front line systems protecting Syria and Russia in that theater and is planting it's biggest calling card in the region.

The Lame Cherry warned everyone that teaching Russia and China to be aggressive as the Obama regime has with Hillary Clinton, will have the Russians and Chinese expanding their operations. Japan has now scrambled it's interceptors 400 times concerning China. For the record, there are more Russian nuclear submarines and munitions in American coastal waters than Russia.

There is a "thought" that the Russians have prepositioned certain large nuclear weapons in the Gulf of Mexico, in the event some cartel lords decide to order a first strike on Russia in a cyber attack.
For the record a nuclear tidal wave in the gulf would turn the Gulf into a giant oil slick for the platforms unleashed there to gush, and it would wash in the undertow Houston, New Orleans, Mobile and Pensacola to Davy Jones locker...........that is of course the good news, unless someone has salted in cobalt to make the entire coast radioactive for 5 years until it's half life was completed.

The Russians are not out of control. They know exactly what they are doing in these measured steps. They are expecting nuclear war in under two years due to this Obama regime, and it now all hinges on November 8th, in if Hillary Clinton steals this election, there will be the population reduction the cartel of globalists is plotting for.

Perhaps the American electorate should be paying attention to these warning signs, because Paul Ryan and John Thune have provided absolutely no oversight of this out of control Obama Clinton Kerry antagonism of Russia and China, because nuclear armed nations are lighting up the grids and Russia is going into NATO's front yard and pissing on the front porch to get British and French population's attentions, that their cartel owned regimes are initiating nuclear war.