Thursday, October 27, 2016

An October 27 Surprise

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry is picking up something of an operation out of the image regime. There is a drone being deployed from noon to six pm tomorrow, looking for something, or to record  something.
This is military control. This is the regime helping Hamrod. They know.

It is something being set up by the GOPliters in a meeting. It is with a woman, adult woman. Something about this has been posted on social media.......tracks have been laid.

It is about recording a fake suicide attempt by a woman claiming things, sexual  things, in being used and dumped by the target.

She will scream something out and then taser herself, convulse and it will be ghastly.

This is geared to go wall to wall. The presstitutes know it is coming.

I apologize in being slow on this. Excuse is the circuits are fatigued and being poor. Do not know if  this can be put back into the can before the church key unleashes the effervescence to the electronic air.
Then again this goes operational and a popular girl looks clairvoyant, it  might be good for business.

No much better to keep the peace and let the matrix flow to a Trump November 8 victory.

I really would just be wealthy, build my pond and be fishing.

Gotta jet.


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