Friday, October 14, 2016

and I shall be killed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has surfaced by John David Oates reverse speech expert a reversal on Donald Trump which has been discussed a great deal on Gaytube and on the Jeff Rense panel. The essence of this is Mr. Trump is speaking about Sean Hannity, and in reverse he states.

.......and I shall be killed.
(This is the entire program of 2 hours of  reversals with the one featured here included.)

 Notables like Professor James Fetzer and Preston James have weighed in on this in concluding this perhaps is metaphor, as people simply do not want this to be a John Kennedy pre mentioned reversal of his speaking about being killed, and the hope that this is about political destruction.

As I was laying in bed early this morning, the time the Holy Ghost starts speaking to me about things, the Thoughts came to me about this phrase, because the first time one hears Mr. Trump state this, one is certain is it and I shall be killed. Yet if one keeps listening to this phrase by Mr. Trump one begins to hear something odd, as others have concluded in it begins to sound like "and I shall be healed".

In my work with the matrix, I have a different understanding of this in what the Holy Ghost brought to mind in what if there are two parallel time lines formed in this. The one which has been warned of here in January 2017 and a previous one noted in the Mexican bandit in Texas, and another one, where God raises up a man, a Jehu to glean a corrupt system.

Think of this first as a sort of Bible, as all who are familiar with Christianity and Bible study have been perplexed how they can read a Bible verse years or weeks before and it means something to them, and re read it again, and the verse is eye opening in meaning something else in speaking to their lives at that time too.

This is termed the Living Word, in the Bible is a codex of Christ, the Living Word, so it is always speaking as our points of reference change with our growth.

So I perceive this as Donald Trump saying two things, as two time lines are moving forward, because of the threat like Christ faced in His mission, and the resurrection as Christ inherited in His mission. I do not want to convey in the least that I am saying any harm will come in this, but I am stating that there are cartel forces who have been endangering Mr. Trump for months and there are also supportive Christian prayers protecting Mr. Trump.
Killed and Healed are different time lines. What is of interest in Mr. Trump reverts to King James terms in SHALL as in his subconscious he understands he is on a crusade of sorts, a holy mission, in this is the 10 Commandment terms his mind is thinking in.

I see this in a Biblical way in the Book of Esther, when her uncle Mordecia, counseled her when she was afraid, that God raised her up to do a job to save her people, and if she did not do the job, then God would raise up someone else.....and for Queen Esther to not count on her title to save her, because she was a Benjaminite too.

Sarah Palin was called to this in 2012 and fled the calling. God has raised up Donald Trump and that anointing is a protection as Donald Trump stays on mission. In this, I see that Mr. Trump has heard his fears in the killed, but as the time line progresses, he has taken no counsel of those fears and is moving to a healing.

Mr. Trump has been savaged and hurt by these horrid Clinton stooges. So of course he is moving to healing of those wounds. As a Christ type figure, each of you has heard Mr. Trump taking on each of you in your problems and his goal to fix things, or to bring healing to America. Donald Trump has taken on the American persona in he is America like George Washington was the persona of America. His intent is to bring healing to himself as he brings healing to America. The two are melding into one in the matrix.

There are two time lines Mr. Trump is living as most people are. The Bible teaches that God lays out the Way of Life and the way of death. Mr. Trump has chosen the Way of Life as he answered God's moving him, and no one reading this can deny that the epic of Donald Trump has been blessed and guided as with the world against him, he keeps coming back and rising to the top.

I believe that the Donald Trump, I shall be healed is becoming the horizon point and the other phrase is fading to a vanishing point. Look at the traitor John Thune working with Hamrod Clinton in trying to knife with the GOPliters Mr. Trump in the back and in a few days later this coward is crawling out to the media saying he has changed his mind and will now support Mr. Trump again. You must understand that God is not on Donald Trump's side, but that Donald Trump is on God's side, and that is the force progressing this forward.

The matrix fascinates me as it is a living entity of all thought. It is the drifting of thoughts being driven on by wills and God's Will overrides all. I believe there was a time of darkness, but it is yielding to love in which fear does not prevail. I do not mean to convey that all dangers are gone and that there are not evil people arrayed against Mr. Trump. I do state though that something of wonder is happening in an electronic imprint of subconscious thought is morphing to life and not death.

It is the matrix and that is best explanation out there, beyond human understanding, and by God's Grace the Lame Cherry will be right again in another matter anti matter exclusive.