Sunday, October 16, 2016

Behind the Assange Ball

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Twitter is a tweet with a rumor that Hamrod Clinton has blackmailed Ecuador into extraditing Julian Assange. If you look through the Wikileaks emails, you will find references to the Clinton's "Big Plan" which drove the dope lords out of South America in FARC, and how they have now all appeared in Central America ripping those nations to ruins.
Yes Bill and Hillary Clinton blew up South America with Obama in the dope traffic and re established it in Latin America......and you do remember the first thing Mrs. Clinton did as Secretary of State was try to re install the dope lord in Honduras in 2009 when the people there booted his ass out.

Think of this more as buzz, as the cliffhanger at the beginning of the show to get you to watch the commercial for 3 minutes for the beginning of the show.
What has been posted is a hashtag of files to be released.  Those doing this are telling those who have IT experts exactly what is coming.

What I desire to do in this is provide you with the linked photos from the frogs on Twitter in explaining what is rumored out there and is coming which will shatter the Clinton campaign shortly.

This is the rumor and the scuttle going on behind the scenes. No confirmation from this blog as I have not inquired in any of this, including one of the Clinton bims registered a suicide after drowning herself in her own tears.

We do know though that Drudge knows the feed on the leaks and the first plunge is sexual. It is why David Axelrod was trying to get Hamrod to say she was not going to the 3rd debate as the fall out is supposed to be timed for maximum impact for Wednesday.

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