Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cinderella and an 8 Pumpkin Deal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So I have these rare French pumpkins, which I am sort of proud of.

So like I sprout 5 seeds of these French pumpkin and plant them in the garden.

So  like I water them, weed them and pamper them.

So Mom cleans out my rare pumpkin carion from beside the house and dumps them into the pen where Daisy and Baby Belle are.

So like it rains, a month after I get my pumpkins planted, in a severe drought.

So like I notice these things growing in big leaves that I thought were flowers in a grass patch in Daisy and Baby Belle's pen.

So like this goes on all summer in they keep growing and I figure out they are some kind of squash.......I figure spaghetti.

So like it is September and I notice they are starting to flower and I expect Daisy and Baby Belle to destroy them and eat them.........but they don't.

So like I notice they set fruit on.

So I expect Daisy and Baby Belle to eat them, but they do not.

So I see that I have 4 pumpkins in my garden.

So like I see I have four something in the grass patch where nothing on God's Green Earth would ever grow.

So the Holy Ghost says,  "Those look like French pumpkins".

So like I conclude those are French pumpkins.

So like they never froze off, and are now orange in being ripe.

So like I sprouted, watered, weeded, fenced off, tended 5 French pumpkin plants and got 4 pumpkins, and God sprouts 4 vines late, in a drought, too late to produce and God raises 4 pumpkins.

I till the soil and the cabbages rot, the beets get ate by the fawn deer, the corn gets ate by coons, and Mom throws seeds out into a pasture, and God sprouts them, no fences, no watering, no protection, no weeding and God gets the same crop I do.

Yes there is a parable in this, and no I am not humiliated as God was kind enough to prove once again that He is a God of miracles and He can make something out of nothing.

Certainly worked with me.