Wednesday, October 19, 2016

For the Good of a Rigged Election

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is beyond fraud for Obama voter Chris Wallace of FOX and Hillary Clinton to speak about "conceding elections for the good of the country", when just a few days ago Hamrod had on stage with her in Florida, the man who contested the 2000 election in Al Gore.

Al Gore Contests 2000 Presidential Election Results - YouTube

Al Gore Contests 2000 Presidential Election Results ... Al Gore Jr. Oral Arguments: ... Election Night 2000 Bush vs Gore ...

For the Good of the American Nation, I applaud Donald Trump for standing for the American Majority in their Rights to not have their ballots stolen by Hillary Clinton and her billionaire owners.

Here are a few contested Presidential Elections in which the people did not just roll over.

1800 Presidential Election -

By the election of 1800, the nation's first two parties were beginning to take shape. The Presidential race was hotly contested between the Federalist President, John ...

 So just realize and understand, that crooks in the 21st century are after seizing this election to protect themselves from prosecution, in trying to browbeat Donald Trump into submitting to Hillary Clinton vote rigging.

Donald Trump is correct in assessing the vote fraud, in protecting the American majority who vote for him, and then making his political decision in how to proceed, how to exercise the judicial rights of the American majority to protect their votes for Donald Trump, and it is a reality that Donald Trump is in his rights to resist all election overthrow against this United States Government, with his legally armed military, legally armed border patrol, legally armed police forces across America, and legally armed People of America.

When Al Gore has the right to contest an election, then Donald Trump has every blessed right to contest this 2016 election in these crooks for crooked Hillary Clinton.