Sunday, October 23, 2016

FOX election fraud for Hillary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

FOX radio has thee most smarmiest mic heads in the business for Hillary Clinton, from the serpent voiced Tom Graham, to the story I heard this Sunday afternoon at the top of the hour in listening to Gun Talk.

The FOX liar for Clinton in North Carolina was stating that in 2012 Mitt Romney was ahead in the ballots, but lost to Obama. The difference though according to FOX this time for Hillary Clinton is that the absentee ballots were running neck and neck with Mr. Trump, so he of course was going to lose North Carolina.

Now the Holy Ghost had me grimacing at this story as it simply did not sound right. I then started re examining the Memory Alpha when I was a Precinct President, in how I remembered the county sent with the ballots we had, ALL OF THE ABSENTEE BALLOTS cast in our area, for the volunteer Democrats and Republicans to count.

So I was wondering how in the hell FOX could be telling the world that Hillary Clinton was doing so well in the, how FOX would know Clinton was doing so well, in who was voting for who when no one can open those ballots before November 8th?

This is a CBS story from 2008 confirming that absentee ballots are NOT counted or known until election day.

North Carolina Early Votes Will Be Counted On Election Day ...

North Carolina Early Votes Will Be Counted On Election Day. ... Unless they are provisional ballots, all North Carolina absentee and early votes will be counted on ...
This is an October 2016 story from CBS affirming the same exact thing, that no ballots are counted before election day, so FOX is literally lying and election tampering in their radio broadcasts, because all that is known is what party the people asking for ballots is, NOT HOW THEY VOTE.
Overall, close to 125,000 ballots have been requested by registered voters throughout the state and just under 25,000 of them have been returned as of October 11th. Among the absentee ballots returned and accepted, Republicans have a slight advantage over Democrats, 38 percent to 37 percent. Unaffiliated voters make up 28 percent of the the total ballots submitted to this point. 
FOX radio is literally making it sound like Donald Trump has lost North Carolina, when there is absolutely not in any way that FOX or anyone knows this. Even on the basis of absentee ballots, Mr. Trump still holds the lead, with dead people being registered for Hillary.

I will point out too, that Democrats are voting for Donald Trump in huge numbers, and you will note in the above the "unaffiliated" voters are Trump voters. Those are the facts of this election.

The Lame Cherry calls upon the Trump Administration by the FCC to seize the broadcast licenses in 2017 for NBC and FOX, as they have been guilty of election tampering and outright betrayal of the public trust, in which their broadcast licenses are issued. No broadcaster has a right to hold a license when engaged in criminal misbehavior.

For FOX to be attempting to support Trump voters in North Carolina is another sign that Donald Trump is far ahead in the polling, and is winning North Carolina and the majority vote across America.

Understand this, that  there are numbers of groups working for Mr. Trump to get out the vote and it is effective. Simply question every thing you are hearing in media from this point on, as they are lying to Americans like no one has ever witnessed to try and suppress the American vote for Donald Trump.

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