Monday, October 24, 2016

Hillary is coming for Trump's Children

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When the Lame Cherry informed all of you that Hillary Clinton was coming for the Trump children first, and then stealing the White House, she will put Donald Trump in prison on trumped up charges, where he can watch his children and grandchildren become whores of the Clinton regime, many of you thought it was too sinister of a thing to ever be, as no one could ever be that evil.

Here is your proof and it is beginning.

Clinton Camp Attacks, Tries To Ruin Ivanka’s Business

This is what I have warned President elect Donald Trump, his family and all of those fence sitters is coming, and Karl Rove is in on this.

Trump Risks His LIfe Bringing The Truth To America
Trump Swears To End US Media Abuse Of News

What is backing Hillary Clinton will obliterate the Trump family for recreation as a warning to every person in this world, to never try and rise up again. This election is it. There will not be any more elections in America, no more than the fraud elections of Tehran, North Korea or China.

I never offer any advice to Donald Trump, nor will I ever, but the reality is there and he knows it. James O'Keefe has literally now exposed that Hillary Clinton is a Terrorists Organization. Watergate was once the worst scandal in America, but Watergate is a drop of water in the ocean, compared to Clinton across the board orchestrating violations of American law.

The Miss Universe Fatso has now been proven to be a rigged  It was months in the planning, and so was the Clinton bims. It is all media coordinated and it that is a criminal conspiracy.

Wiki - Another Clinton OUTRAGE - Miss Universe Attacks On Trump Were Many Months In Planning

All of this rests on Donald Trump weighing in how to move forward as the evidence is certain that Hillary Clinton is a terrorist and she is not going to stop until America looks like Libya.

Veritas 1 - Dems Plot To Incite Violence At Trump Rallies
Veritas 2 - How To Commit Voter Fraud On A Large Scale
Veritas 3 - Creamer Confirms Crooked Hillary Involvement