Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary Leaks Dumping Her Load #10

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to give all credit for this Wikileaks Clinton Foundation emails to Charles R. Smith as he first noted it on a Rense interview. It is explosive in the content as what it really means to what Hillary, Chelsea and Bill Clinton were up to.

I doubt you will remember this, but when Guccifer 2.0 was all through the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, I noted that it looked like G 2.0 had a high stakes trojan from the NSA installed in how they were gaining the kind of widespread access they were gaining.

What Wikileaks #10 though reveals is something far more damning, because what the exchange involved was Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton IT guy recording that, the IT guy was outed for reading Bill Clinton's emails and the RED ALERT part was the IT guy was knowingly installing spyware on the Clinton Foundation computer system.

So you understand this. Every person from John Podesta to Nancy Pelosi in gaining contact with the Foundation was SPIED ON by the Clintons. Spyware is a reality of logging in keystrokes to gaining access to the network in every computer on it. Meaning all of their passwords, cookies and other information.

With this, Guccifer did not need to install high stakes trojans, but only had to get into the Foundation computer, via Hillary Clinton's email server, and then they had complete access to every Nancy Pelosi computer, cell phone and porn size.

Guccifer was not caught, because they were in the system as part of the system, and could have activated computer cameras or mics on all of their laptops. If you think perv Anthony Wiener's revelations were disgusting, it is logical with the grande Pelosi theater on over 300 secure computers in national leaders, it is as Kellyanne Conway stated in all these frauds attacking Donald Trump were perverts.

This is the reality in Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were knowingly spying on EVERY DEMOCRAT. Only they know how much of this was for blackmail in "Wow Nancy, if CNN gets wind of your watching pygmy sex in you starring in it, probably gets powerful people on a leash. You do not need the 1990's stolen FBI files the Clintons took to blackmail people, because the Clintons had the spyware, and so did Guccifer and every foreign enemy of America.

Charles R. Smith also found evidence in #10 confirming the shadow government does indeed exist.

Any way let us just enjoy this moment of for several years, the Clinton Foundation was the sixth largest spy agency in the world, and the third largest espionage agency in America spying on Americans....on Capitol Hill.

Democrats have a worst enemy, and it is Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton.