Sunday, October 30, 2016

How to Survive Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Captain Kirk asked a bit ago about violence after the election. You know the same rent a terrorists which James O'Keefe exposed or the same rent a terrorists the Obama regime has been burning down places like Ferguson Missouri, will most likely be employed to do terrorist things against Americans as Hillary would attempt to initiate a post election theft.

The Lame Cherry has a maxim which is amazing and it is, "You can't get your head bashed in at a bar, if you are at home in bed".

It is one of the most amazing things of all realities.

OK, so it is November 9, and Hillary Clinton with John Podesta tells her thugs to go postal. So where are you?

I suppose you filled up your gas tank on November 7th right, so you are not a dumb ass sitting in a gas station where Hillary Clinton sends out a flash mob to riot and beat you to a pulp?

Got you thinking now huh?

Think of Hillary Clinton like a nuclear bomb, both unwelcome, toxic and you probably should prepare for them, and not be out sucking in radioactive Clinton on November 9th.

I ask you to think about your regular days following the election. What is your travel route?

You do remember the Clinton terrorists were shutting down interstates right? Maybe you might be thinking on your commute for business or kids, that you do not want to be in Niggertown or any other artery with a stop light series jamming things up, as you know what dumb asses people are in bumper locking you in when someone hired by Hamrod does a traffic jam of lunatics on riot.

I suppose it does not have to be stated that it is not the day to stop for whining children, whining women or whining men who need something in place where a Hillary flash mob is going to bake you in your own car with a fire bomb.

You prepare for November 9, like Hillary the Hurricane. You get your gas tanks topped off. You get your grocery shopping done. You stay the hell out of the Nigger Zone (Great term for anything from white lezbos to tan Mexicans who are in the Hillary Zone) smart ok, you got union bars, you got skank ho bars in liberal land, and maybe it would be a good idea if you want to celebrate, you buy your ice cream on the 7th and pretend you are out on the town.

Yes I know you got bowling on Wednesday.......weigh the price of your life to a bowling pin.

Are you getting the idea about staying home for a few days to see how things are going, unless it is something that has to be done like work or kids in school. Then it is there and back with no stops.

Keep your radio on in your vehicle in the local news. If they are telling you there is trouble, then you stay away from trouble.

Most of you want to play secret agent........believe me you are going to blow this, because children never behave in following the best advice.

At least for a few days, starting on November 9, you use your text for something besides small talk. You tell your spouse when you are leaving work and when you are going to be home.......same with children, and that means you do not fuck around on some detour, as you prove what juvenile you are in worrying people, because you just got this impulse to worry people as you stop and talk to some moron in the parking lot about how much Lucy Lawless' tits and ass sag.

It is pretty simple. Get your shit done before the hurricane and stay home during the hurricane.

Now if you have ill fortune or are just Darwin. You have problems, you stay in your car with your doors locked. You get mob problems, you want your barrier between you and the mob. I do not care if you have a flat tire, your car does not stay in that car. You dial 911, you dial someone called the person you can trust and you talk to them.
A car has a horn, a car is a place that which will move and move things, even with flat tires, steaming radiators and broken windows. Fact all windows in cars are crash glass. Takes more than a rock ok and most mobs do not come equipped with window breaking metal tools. Again, your car is your safety device and your first safety device is your brain, so if you see traffic stopped, you get off the street, because you have already thought this out before November 9 in alternate routes on every street.

You will notice that I did not mention anything about weapons. That is because if you need a weapon, you have not followed the rules and are instead trying to attack a hurricane with a baseball bat.

There is no place like home. Remember that, along with a home that has food, water, fuel and the place you defend.
It probably would be wise to not have Trump or GOP bumper stickers......or you know that Rush Limbaugh things he sells in #NeverHillary to piss people off on November 9 and beat on your head.

You lessen the odds of your exposure, that means days before November 8 and 9. Then you leave the people with the pension plans and badges to play with the Hillary terrorists

You grow up for the first time in your life, and you understand that you are the most important asset to your family, and you do not betray them by being stupid in taking chances. The mob gets tired after a few days and other skilled Clinton employees will be crushed by the police state.

Now Captain Kirk knows all of the above, and you probably are aware of at least some things.

One prepares for Hillary Clinton and her terrorists like a storm. Pretty simple.

Game changes though as this projects out after whoever gets into DC. Different methods then are in play.