Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is John Podesta a Lipstick Fag

 No you creepy old bastard I do not want to feel your pacemaker

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had always thought that John Podesta was a queer. He is not married, got that HIV glow pharm about him. He works for lezbo Hillary and the Big Dyke Mook, but after looking at the MSM reporters who are in bed with Hillary Clinton lying for her, it just makes one question what the hell is going on.

You can see in the above photo that the woman Podesta is leaning into, is leaning away in disgust in she does not like the creep. So is the woman just a homophobe, does not like feces penis sex that is bi, or is John Podesta really straight and she doesn't like fossil fucks?

This is important because all of the reporters that Podesta lured into the Clinton campaign to cover up Clinton crimes are all prime Bone Meal. Just take a look at them.


I mean this looks like Roger Ahles bims over at FOX. Sure some are ringers, but hell you could always put a licorice saddle on one of them old boys like Stephanopoulos  for a 3 way and make the girlies go neigh.
Seriously, would you not want to put on the leather chaps and drive your spurs in as you pulled out your six shooter and gave a few of them the business end, after a nice prime rib?

That is what is off in this. Are the hot chicas for Podesta, or is he the wrangler for Huma? I mean is Chelsea in on his, or does John sacrifice a virgin to old Hillary's nasty snatch on the full moon?

Or is this much deeper than this, in does the CIA  Mockingbird now only hire good looking people? Are all the uggos left for local media, but if you got puffy lips, below and above, does that get you the prime job at the networks?

I can understand even the old guys invited over for a nasty snatch session, as sometimes Hillary probably just wants to have Huma whip the salt and pepper, as they scream about Anthony and Bill. Nothing like rectum balls up the arse, as some anchor guy is handcuffed to the bed post, as profanity laces the air, and the leather strop turns the old boys ass red for the sins of Wiener and Clinton.

All we can tell at this point is John Podesta is an old lizard who only hires hot looking chics, or John Podesta is a pimp hiring hot looking chics for Hillary Clinton to sodomize, or John Podesta is a Lipstick Fag, in liking to play dress up with the girls, as it makes absolutely no sense in the people the Clinton campaign prostituted were all attractive.

Then again Diane Sawyer and Gloria Borger..........maybe they all get naked and Hillary feels better in the old crows are saggier and botoxier than she is.

Mirror Mirror.

This just in from Wiki:

Personal life

Podesta is a Roman Catholic.He and his wife Mary, a Washington, D.C. attorney, have three children.

Hmmm no wonder olde John is into that Catholic Spring stuff. Probably will save him from going to confession so much in explaining what he is doing with all these hot chics.

Supporting progressive Catholicism

Emails released suggested certain organisations had been created to advance politically progressive values in Catholicism and plant seeds of the revolution, "a Catholic Spring"