Sunday, October 16, 2016

It requires stating, Hillary Clinton is evil

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I observe the MOG's on all sites lying to the nitwit about there being no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, when in fact the difference is day and night, clean and unclean, good and evil.

The American clergy has let down all of America and scattered Christ's sheep. Billy and Franklin Graham are abominations with their fence sitting as are all of these other holier than thou biggots.


What do I mean by Matthew? Matthew was the worst form of low life in Jewish society as a cheating, extorting, swinding tax collector, and Jesus chose him. Donald Trump is not a crook like Matthew in the least, but for those apostates judging Donald Trump in forgetting their daily sinning and past sins, this is the worst form of sin.
For the record, Franklin Graham, Mr. Samaritan's Purse was a rebellious, low life scum sinner, before he repented, and yet we never hear Franklin Graham affording Donald Trump the same Grace which he took from Jesus.

Billy Graham is the same creature in he was a nobody, who got bankrolled by oligarch yellow journalist William Randolph Hearst the adulturer of Citizen Kaine Rosebud fame.

So let us all just understand that God rose up a traitor to Solomon in Jeroboam to wrest the kingdom from Solomon's worthless sinful son. God rose up Jehu to wrest the kingdom and remove the house of Ahab. God  rose up a zealot Jew who was murdering Christians in St. Paul to become the greatest evangelist to the world, so from stinking poor fishermen, foul scented tanners and judgmental Nathaniel's who said of Jesus, "What good could ever come out of Nazereth", God knows like King David what is in a person's heart and when the establishment has their own Saul choices which lead a country to ruin, God shows that He knows the difference between a money whore like Hillary Clinton and a tool for God's hand in Donald Trump.

All of this should be spoken of in pulpits and not this blog, because this blog is judged as profane by those who think this is all a Church picnic, instead of a genocide of God's People. But the clergy in America are more interested in keeping their luxury and having the rich people donate to the their plates instead of teaching their congregations the Truth of which they are responsible for.

In the Civil War, the same type of Clinton propaganda was sweeping the nation against Abraham Lincoln, but it fell to the military officers to take it upon themselves and educate the troops to the disaster which waited America if Lincoln was not returned to office, for America would have sued for peace and we would never have overcome the intrigue of the European banking cartel.

These realities require stating, as people need to be told that Hillary Clinton is evil, because in the Tavistock mind conditioned world, none of us are supposed to say the Truth, but let liars, sodomites and evil carry on and bring us all to our ruin.
Sin is the reason that America has a 20 trillion dollar Obama debt. Trusting false messiah's is the reason that America is so corrupt that our police force now protectings the Clinton criminals in James Comey.

I  will put this plainly, if Hillary Clinton steals this election, EVERY ONE OF YOU now knows a half dozen people, who will be raped by the invaders, arrested on Clinton gun law violations, murdered by the mob or the regime, and when your grandchildren die out, there will not be an America any more.
There will not be an American grave, Union or Confederate untouched, and by 2050, Mt.  Rushmore will be oblitered by the regime as much as the Statue of Liberty, as they are symbols it will be said of White Imperialism and must be wiped out, as the Confederate monuments are  by this Clinton machine.

Donald Trump is a good man at heart. God knows this without a doubt. These attacks upon him, his family and his supporters, are designed to create the heart in him, for the work which must be accomplished to resurrect America and save her from nuclear Armageddon.

God has placed before America and the world, the path of life and the path of death. Donald Trump is the way of life and Hillary Clinton is the way of death. This requires stating to the Christian and the ignorant, as it is now Mockingbird brainwashing to condition people to polite themselves to their own genocide.

This is a message which should be from the clergy and from your leaders, but none of them say a word as they are all the call girls for the whore of babylon.

You vote for Donald Trump and you have the chance at surviving this. You let Hillary Clinton into the White House in a stolen election and your destruction and death awaits, and you will be led to it by your Franklin Grahams and your Rush Limbaughs, as they had you on the leash herding you lemmings off the cliff and now we are all in the Obama Abyss.

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