Sunday, October 30, 2016

Panzer Kat

Hillary was one of the last to hear about the bombshell because she - along with Huma, pictured today before the news broke, was on her plane with, irony of all ironies, no Wi-Fi

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in  matter anti matter.

I am moved to thank people for their kindness to us in those who have donated and the 10 dollars for Puntzee in preparation for anything that happens after the election.

Sorry, I got summoned by Puntz to be fed. She has a mew to be fed which is like most of her mews in being pathetically needy. She also makes little puppy grunt sounds when we play, and we have decided that TL's left ear lobe is Puntze's and the right is mine.
She is now up on the keyboard helping to edit things.

I am careful about mentioning her as too many times previous bad things happened to our pets due to the evil in this world manifesting in all the hate they have.

Busted: But the Lord Of The Rings star was given away by his bracelet and tattoo, which revealed him to be the Republican presidential candidate

Speaking of hate, I hope there is a fringe division set up to deal with these creatures of satan named Katie Perry and her fag manfriend Orlando Bloom who ghastly decided to dress up as sick old Hillary Clinton as a ghastly sick old hag and Bloom appeared as as smurf with at Trump cap on.
It must be  the English humorless society now in fag bloom needs a good dose of Gitmo.

Make America Great Again! Katy ensured her political nemesis was farcical in appearance

Surely we can find a better female companion for Tim Rifat than his intended in Ms. Perry. Be like like marrying the diseased herring up Huma Abedin's puss, and no man should be exposed to something like that.

Dikileaks just blew up in Hillary's face -

Piers Morgan is funny though like Benny go figure.

Now we are grooming laying into the laptop cursor.

I think cats are cats for various reasons, but they eat human aura like a food group. Earlier this week I could not get this cat do anything with me, but come over and bite me for a few seconds, before bounding away. Now we are on day 3 in I have this appendage of black and white fur......who is now licking my arm, as she settles beside me in the glider where she will nap.
I am the current flavor for some reason to absorb,  along with saucers of milk and bits of chicken.

I had confirmation that liver would be just the thing. Putzee decided liver was more fun to bat around like a ball, and wait for something else. I suspect we will have a 15 pound cat here as big as a bobcat before this growing is done.
Is  good news as she lays on our beds now, without rolling off. Is a real mystery as cats on beds with Mom is like no goats on beds, no dogs on beds.......but there this morning when I checked was Mom on one end and Puntz on the other.

Puntz did have an adventure earlier. She does not retract her claws, and rolling around, rolled off the glider here as this is HER chair, and I had to rescue. Had some loud mews, and then my cuddling the Puntz who lay down pathetically overwhelmed, in need of lots of compassion and sympathy. She looks and acts like Audrey Hepburn. Yes Ms. Hepburn would have been a cat.......who is currently wedge in the chair, wedging her head under my elbow as I type, as where else would she have her head in the most uncomfortable spot.

I do not expect bad things to happen really after the election. The feel is off. That Huma and Wiener thing is sort of sucking the last gasps out of the Clinton quislings. No one wants that old bag, and everyone is just sort of waiting for the mortician to arrive and haul her out of the crapper where she went tits down in the tub, while huffing some Jack Daniels up her nose.

I was just thinking, in a drinking contest, what would Orlando Bloom choose? Probably be lily water sipping. Never has made any sense to me with all the good pussy in the world while all these men and women mix and match thee most satan awful shit to stick their genitals too.
Is like what is Angelina Jolie going to have pouncing on her in devil seance next. One would think people would have parents who would say, "What the hell do you want with an old hose bag like that".

I probably should try and read some more of those ghasly Wikileaks. Those pages are like being in the mind of Miss Tavisham, in being so boring. How people in power can be that fricking idiot is beyond me. They have no humor, no fun, no life. It is like being the fly that gets to light on Al Gore after the work of being a maggot.

Inquiry is pointing to what happened in that Humaleaks thing. I might write on it after the election as Huma as Mattahari spying on Hillary Clinton has a good story in it, in the IUD  that Huma shoved up Hillary was really a microphone..........wonder what kind of lens was on the suppository she slid up old Hamrod's sun don't shine.

With that as the sun slowly sinks in the west, Mom is doing Mom  things, TL is listening to long hair classic, Puntz is sacked out in the chair by me, it is time for the cowgirl to get along and gitty up.

Much oblidged pardners.

PS: Inquiry at this moment is pointing to no upheaval after Donald Trump's win. This Huma spying is just knocking the stuffing out of the inner circle like Vince Foster. You can feel it if you focus in how people just want Hillary put out to pasture and not having to deal with her any more.

Abedin remained home in New York on Saturday (picturd), after the online sexting habits of her husband, Anthony Weiner, upended her longtime boss's presidential campaign

Blessed ugly, that Huma looks worse than Cher, after a case of Wild Turkey, and being in prison for 20 years........or that is her poltergeist in Hamrod is sucking the menstrual fluids from Huma too, in order  to make it over the finished line.......yes I do mean finished.

One more thing, wasn't Joe Gordo Levin a faggot 3rd rock from the Sun? Rhetorical, but it appears it bred.

Affection: McCauley at one point lay a hand on her husband's shoulder and planted a kiss on his cheek