Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sodom Trek

Another setback for the eagerly awaited Star Trek TV series revival. Bryan Fuller is stepping down as showrunner on Star Trek: Discovery.
The acclaimed writer-producer of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies has shepherded the project for months. Now Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts (who worked with Fuller on Daisies, as well as worked on ABC’s Revenge and The CW’s Reign) will serve as showrunners. Fuller will stay on board as an executive producer.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

9 million dollars an episode for Butt Fuck Trek or as it is known as Star Trek Discovery.

This fag series was supposed to premier in January 2017, but is now pushed back to May. Apparently finding a perfect morphadite female lead proved harder than the creators imagined. With Michelle and image Obama not in the White House, why are not Chubaka and Pansy Pants being cast?

The original Star Trek was based on Gunsmoke. The problem is this Gay Trek is Queerstroke and apparently CBS is not content with the Big Bang in theory, but a Gang Bang universe.

9 fucking million dollars. I mean shit pot hannah, girl from Tarzana, for 9 million dollars I could turn out 5 seasons of my Star Trek and have 2 million left over to donate to Donald Trump for President.

9 million dollars for a high quality look and feel. For that kind of money you could dope the audience a toke of the magic smoke, so they would think a card board box was Sulu's warped drive.

What are they doing, looking for smellavision, so you get the feces penis and crusty twat olfactories for full effect?

So what we got is quirky Pushing up Daisies meets I suppose a serial murderer. Must be a storyline of lunatic lezbos smothering fag males to death with their snatches as transvestite Klingon and sex change Romulans boldly go where no pervert has gone before.

9 million dollars an episode. The entire original series did not cost 9 million anything.

So many people looked to Star Trek for hope. Hope when their entire worlds were crashed down in terminal sickness, abuse and America which was no more, and for that all they got was sodomized.

Nuff Said