Monday, October 17, 2016

Suck like a Hillary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When the Lame Cherry examined the pathological psychopathy of Hillary Clinton, there was made mention an exclusive which has never been examined, in just how was it Hillary Rodham ended up on the Watergate investigative committee, as she was hardly one of the best law school graduates in the nation and was hardly the darling of the Civil Rights movement for in her commencement speech at Welsely College, she lynched the most powerful Black Congressman in America.
Yet somehow in the hurricane of history, a "child advocacy graduate" was suddenly moving in the circles with the most connected Kennedy and Democratic lawyers in America to "get" President Richard Nixon.

Hillary Clinton: When Older Men are 15 Year old Boys

There was something questioned in how Hillary Rodham gained access to an elite group, being an outsider, and in the process of time, she literally illegally removed or stole files, in order to compose her own legal finding.

*As a side note in this, Richard Nixon always assumed that Watergate was a Kennedy operation in the target was  Nixon himself, in the break in at the DNC headquarters was  about attempting to find out what dirt the Kennedy's had on Richard Nixon.
Again as no one has ever investigated the sexual link between pervert Teddy Kennedy and Hillary Rodham, no one has ever investigated the link that the Kennedy conspirators were behind a rather bizarre communist / CIA operation to get Richard Nixon and install Teddy  Kennedy in 1976 AD in the year of our Lord.
Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One must understand what Watergate was in who set it up. The lead on it was former Attorney General John Doar, the ultimate insider, and former cabinet member of Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. There was absolutely nothing unbiased in this group for these were either liberal Republicans, democratic power brokers like Bernard Nussbaum, and then there was Hillary Clinton playing with the big boys.

This literally was the entire Kennedy establishment which was prosecuting President Richard Nixon and it explains why from the beginning of Watergate, including E. Howard Hunt who worked for the Kennedy CIA, that Richard Nixon thought that it was the Kennedy's trying to uncover Mr. Nixon's campaign finances in order to destroy him politically.
For those who do not understand, that before campaign finance laws, all politicians were funded. In 1968, Howard Hughes gave a briefcase to both the democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon of the GOP, of 1 million dollars each. On the death of Bobby Kennedy, Hughes dispatched his CIA insider Robert Mayheu, who planned the Kennedy assassination of Fidel Castro to 'buy' the Democratic party, as Hughes was considering running as the nominee.

This is the internal workings of the overlaps of politics, and the Kennedys were front and center, and in the background was still the Kennedy machine plotting for Teddy Kennedy to run for President in 1976. Crippling President Richard Nixon, with the assistance of communist agents, was to be the leverage to secure the White House in 1976 for Teddy Kennedy.

That is what was behind the entire framework of the Kennedy people operating in the Watergate investigation. The understanding was that the reason Hillary Rodham was sent in to deny President Richard Nixon of his right to legal counsel, was that the Kennedy's did not want a Nixon attorney cross examining E. Howard Hunt, who knew were numbers of the Kennedy skeletons were buried.

It is not a secret that Hillary Rodham was a university CIA recruit, as was the son of Rockefeller Governor, Bill Clinton in this connected operation. It was Bill Clinton who was asked to serve in Hillary Rodham's position in getting Nixon, but begged off and returned to Arkansas. Hillary Rodham then assumed the position.

Hillary Rodham a minder for Rockefeller Bill Clinton, and she could not pass the DC bar exam as she was not intelligent enough to become a lawyer, but she somehow obtained an appointment with 44 of the best legal minds out of college in America, and Hillary Rodham was working for the top Kennedy dogs.

On inquiry into this to attempt to understand how all of this happened exactly, the year 1973 AD in the year of our Lord is what the matrix pointed to for a sexual act. The details the inquiry points to in the matrix are the following.

Sometime in 1973, Hillary Rodham was at the Kennedy compound in Florida.

Kennedy winter compound goes on the ... - Daily Mail Online

The Kennedy compound in Palm Beach, Florida that served as JFK and Jackie's 'Winter White House' has gone to market with colossal asking price of $38.5million.

It was at this location, the same address where Willy Kennedy Smith raped an unsuspecting woman to which Teddy Kennedy appeared in court, swearing what moral people the Kennedy's were, where Hillary Clinton got naked, married Teddy Kennedy remained clothed, and Hillary got "pussy grabbed" by  Teddy and liked it, as she sucked like a Hoover.
Perhaps the Hoover part is a bit much, as inquiry points to Hamrod was not talented at performing and was not asked back. The performance was enough though for her to be put on the Watergate exploratory committee for Teddy Kennedy 1976.

Watergate seems a bit more interesting with this inquiry, in a young lesbian working her way onto the investigation the old fashioned way, and when she blew her job in being wacko, she humbled off to Arkansas to mind the house with William Jefferson Clinton.

Pity really that Hillary Rodham never had it in her to satisfy Teddy Kennedy. She had the lips for it and certainly the nose, but her heart never was in the right place.

I just wonder if Hillary ever compared Teddy notes with Jackie O.

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