Sunday, October 16, 2016

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I woke up today and the thought from God's Grace has moved me to write this, as I like all Americans have been moved with compassion to the plight which our Black Communities have been left in these Obama years.

Mr. Trump has spoken of jobs and security for the Black Communities, but it is difficult to get into details with the entire world falling apart, his being smeared and nuclear war on the horizon, in an Anderson Cooper 2 minute sound byte.

In this, the Lame Cherry simply places into the public domain a foundation for Black control of their neighborhoods to end the violence and unemployment. This plan would work for any race from Whites in Kentucky, Hispanics in Los Angeles, to Asians in Houston, and in order to get attention for it, I named it Blackmart, as it really is based on Walmart.

This is what I mean.

In the 1800's in the American West, settlers there of all races were exploited to high prices, because it cost a fortune to ship supplies there. What Americans built were Cooperatives or Co Ops that flourished into the late 20th century, until the conglomerates bought them out.
They supplied all types of things from marketing their grains to buying gasoline, as they were the original Walmart, except the settlers owned shares in the Co Op and got a return on that investment by doing business with their own company.

This is what I envision, and this is not a complete picture, but something to build from simply, and what I would hope that leaders like Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornell West, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice and Jesse Jackson would bring their experience to.

I build this around a Blackmart, a literal Walmart, but one which by government help is built and owned by the community, so the community understands to protect it. Not just from looting, but makes it a neutral zone where no violence or crime will take place.
This Blackmart is open to everyone, but if you live in that community, your purchases earn you things, including dividends for using that company. I see this not just goods, or pharmaceuticals, but a place to do banking, buying gas and all the things the community needs.

This with satellite sites would be the foundation of stable employment in the Black Community.

This would be managed by an elected board of Church and Business leaders from wards in that community, and people would be able to bring their concerns to their leaders to remedy problems on the local level.

Something TL suggested is something which TL has championed for a very long time as this student loan slave program of debt only makes the elite rich. What Blackmart in their Board of Directors would place are internships with their leaders and in business. What is better in sending some child off to Harvard to be brainwashed or instead to have a child mentored by a Tavis Smiley in learning a vocation from an expert in how business is really prospered.
This could be expanded to E University in training Black children with a degree that Black leaders would know actually taught them something, instead of the nonsense all American students are hindered by in Jock U and Egg Head Degree diplomas which have no value.

Walmart is the corporate structure selling to these Blackmarts in Walmart makes money in selling at discounts and the Blackmarks make money and this money is reinvested back into the community.
The  taxes paid, return to the community to pay for infrastructure and what is a real macro economics of a community funding itself, employing itself and empowering itself for the Black Community, by the Black Community and of the Black Community.

For those outside the community, it benefits no American to have millions of Blacks in prison, on welfare or shooting each other. Blacks being millionaires and building their inner cities to their choices assists everyone. That is the focus on this, empowering all Blacks in their communities.

As I stated in this, I am not writing some 2000 page thesis on this ordering Black people in how to govern themselves as they know far better than anyone else. This is about a shopping mall, but it is a cooperative, that Blacks could invest in like Wall Street or simply buy from, and earn dividends from.
It would be a community place of expanding employment, because nothing would hinder an Black with a dream from wanting to be a Doctor, a Mechanic or a Policeman, because Blacks have millions in revenue in all of their communities from their working to welfare, and what needs to be done is when that money is spent that it rolls back into their communities and does not end up in Wall Street.

The Black Community must be more than a 10 million dollar money whore being pimped by the affluent in using it as a place to buy coke, so that money is laundered in some fast food chain which no one can afford, but the profits all end up in a corporation paying stock dividends to millionaires.

Finance and Economics belongs to all Americans, and in the above base project, overseen by each community, not regulated by endless DC intrusions, as people can police themselves when it is in their interest.

Black Clergy and Black Business Leaders must be the foundation of this in leading and directing this Blackmart to empower their communities. I am certain there can be other things added to this, but it must be kept simple in framework in Walmart sells cheaply to Blackmart and both make a profit and those profits then are pumped back into the Black Community for their improvement.

As Theodore Roosevelt stated there is never enough money in the US Treasury to empower and profit people. That has been proven by LBJ's war on poverty. What must be done is the keeping of money inside the Black Community in recycling it to greater benefits of the Blacks. Blackmart is the foundation of just such a community organized plan controlled completely by that community.

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