Saturday, October 15, 2016

Who Protects Baron Trump from the Hillary that Goes Beast in the Night!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/hillary-clinton-florida.jpg

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There are many things that incense me about the entire machine which is Hillary Clinton, from the conglomerate bribes, the foundation money laundering, James Comey betraying the FBI, Bill Clinton raping women, the media fraud, image Obama election tampering and Hillary Clinton being a criminal, but the one thing that really is the lowest of the lowest is how conveniently Hillary Clinton can lecture in both debates about being a child advocate and having concerned over what children hear, and there is a little boy named Baron Trump, who can not even attend his own father's debates or watch television reports on this historic time of his father, because Hillary Clinton and her disgusting press are constantly spreading the most vile lies about Donald Trump with the media joining in, and none of these Clinton dwellers have it ever to occur to them that some things are too far, in a little boy is going to hear these things because no one in the Clinton campaign was advocating for that little boy.

I realize the liberal knuckle draggers and GOPliter Neanderthals will immediately counter with, "Donald Trump said those things" as their excuse for this false witness against neighbor Donald, but the fact is, that recording of Mr. Trump was after the interview, was on the bus, and was something illegally recorded.

There is the fact in this, that a deliberate choice, and an entire Clinton strategy with John Podesta, image Obama and the entire media with George Soros funded David Brock trolling for dirt on Mr. Trump, coordinated with Paul Ryan and John Thune in this smear of Mr. Trump, as they lined up a host of lying women to say that Mr. Trump touched them, and the facts are now coming out that all of these stories are bogus in these women are being rewarded to lie for Hillary Clinton.

There is absolutely no excuse in any of this for Hillary Clinton, image Obama, John Podesta, Paul Ryan, Bill Krystol or whatever other scum peddlers were involved in this, because what was said was over a decade ago, said in jest, and what followed was a coordinated smear on Mr. Trump, which had another unbalanced woman at People magazine lying about meeting Melania on the street in New York and hugging her, squeezing Baron's foot and stating they were friends, when Mrs. Trump has now filed a legal notice that People employs a liar, as Melania Trump does not even know this fraud Clinton presstitute.

If you notice in this, baby Baron, was wheeled out in People, to use as a weapon against the Trump family. There is absolutely no protection for Baron Trump, and in fact, the evidence proves the Clinton campaign will stoop to anything, including using a little boy against his own father.

I will repeat that in Hillary Clinton and the Clinton yellow media will use a little boy in Baron Trump, against his own father, Donald Trump, for Hillary to try and cover up her crimes and Bill Clinton's rapes, and this media trash is so void of humanity, that it never occurs to them to not stoop to using an innocent child.

I feel for the Trump family immensely. Hillary Clinton does not give a damn though that her lies are something a happy couple in Melania and Donald Trump have had to discuss. Hillary Clinton does not give a damn that Melania Trump had probably questioning moments about her husband as any spouse would, when this endless parade of Clinton Bims appear smearing her husband. That kind of stress on any marriage is not of benefit and an innocent child exposed to that stress is affected.
Melania Trump has to monitor what her son sees on television news and the internet, because of Hillary Clinton and her liars. Think of that endless task of protecting her child, because Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest child abusers in history, and doing it on front page of the New York Times and the top headlines of CNN, and none of them have given a thought to what this does to a little boy.

None of the Clinton bims have given a thought as to what this will do to a little boy in their lies. Of course Miss Utah can crocodile tears about her daughter in her group of liars, but where are her Mormon values in looking out of the little boy who is the target of all of this.

Think of Baron Trump. Think of the Trump grandchildren in what the Clinton campaign is doing to them. Think of Melania Trump in her heartache, and then think of Donald Trump who loves his family as much as America and every one of you, the kind of wounds he has, because you put yourself in Mr. Trump's shoes and think what you would feel like smeared daily by liars, to have millions of dollars from Hillary Clinton spent on smearing you, to hear nonstop in the media your name being smeared, and then your having to deal with your spouse in these lies, and your children and grandchildren who are going to be harmed by these lies, all because you want to do one right thing in giving America back to the People.

I will state this again, in Hillary Clinton is the worst child abuser in American history. She and her husband dumped into American children's psyche the burning of children at Waco, the blowing of a mother's head off as she held her child at Ruby Ridge, the assault on a raped 12 year old girl which Hillary laughed about, like she laughed about Colonel Khadaffi castrated, tortured and murdered, as America was degraded  to a new Clinton vocabulary of semen stains on dresses, blow jobs in the White House, rape of women, assaulting women and the definition of "is".

True to the complete lack of character, Hillary Clinton and her machine are now chewing up what shreds of childish innocence was left in America after Obama sodomized it in perverts peeing in little girl's bathrooms. Hillary Clinton to steal an election, to cover up her crimes, has now assaulted American children again with pussy grab recordings and putting up unbalanced women to lie about an innocent man in Donald Trump, and in all of this, it never occurs to Hillary Clinton that there is a little boy being assaulted in all of this.

Why should though that occur to the beast of Hillary Clinton that goes bump in the night? Hillary Clinton is a soulless creature who only uses children as political cover for the darkness in her which keeps erupting out.

None of these child abusers from Hillary Clinton to Paul Ryan ever had one human thought in what this would do to a little boy, but then why should it, because these selfish primates proved this entire election cycle that there is nothing in them, to protect hundreds of thousands of Syrian children, so why would it ever occur to Hillary Clinton to protect one little boy from her drive, in Baron Trump.

My sincere apologies to the Trump family for writing this as Baron Trump should never be an issue, but as the Trumps are protecting their children from the Clinton assaults by never mentioning their son in public, this blog was moved to expose the shameless and shameful evil which Hillary Clinton is along with all of her self absorbed ilk that supports her for their 30 pieces of silver.
Someone needs to stand up in public and advocate for that little boy not in the Trump family, to tell a world so out of touch with humanness how wrong all of this is.

Hillary Clinton owes Baron Trump, the Trump family, every American family and the children of the world an apology for the evil she has done.