Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ape Shit Logic

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children and my brats, do you remember just a few weeks ago when all of the all knowing were telling Donald Trump what to do and how in Donald Trump trouncing Hillary Clinton in 3 debates, that it was not enough that Mr. Trump left her standing, as they wanted her flat backed, frothing at the mouth in seizure, and dragged around the stage by her hair?

Remember how the Lame Cherry informed you, that if that took place the democrats would have replaced sick old Hamrod.....

Now that you know of what is taking place in this final week of the election, what good would FBI Director James Comey being forced by New York FBI reopening the criminal case against Hillary Clinton if Joe Biden replaced Hillary?

What good would Wikileaks be if Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren replaced Hillary Clinton?

What good would Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener be if Tim Kaine were at the head of the ticket and sick old crooked Hillary was in bed with an IV in a nursing home as  she should be?

All of these salvos which we are now enjoying against crooked Hillary would have absolutely no use, just as the Lame Cherry by Holy Ghost Inspiration warned all of you, who were listening to the shortsighted harp about Mr. Trump needing to do this and that.

Who was right, Donald Trump in his tactics or the Ape Shit Logic which would have reset the board, with an unknown opponent which we would have had to create an entire new game plan in order to defeat?

Donald Trump was right and is right, and the Ape Shit Logic crowd are going to get a big case of amnesia in forgetting about how shit for brains they were. I am here to remind you that God has taken this into His Hands, and that Donald Trump does know what he is doing, and always has known what he is doing.

Think of the disaster of rallied leftist voters to the real woman in Elizabeth Warren they wanted or to Bernie Sanders the candidate they actually did elect, but Hillary stole it from Sanders, instead of the demoralized and scattering hordes of Hillary Clinton which are just not going to show up to vote for another crooked Clinton. You remember how good things are going now, because Donald Trump is an implement in the Hand of God, and how bad it could be if we were stuck low energy Jeb, against vote stealing Hillary.

Each of us owes a great deal to Donald Trump and his family. We are exactly where we should be. Voters are surging toward Donald Trump and fleeing Hillary Clinton. The democratic party is already assessing for 2020, in looking how Golden Girl Poco Warren who has been a good soldier is going to be who they throw their cards behind, as they do their best to flush the memories of the Clinton's from the public's mind.

You just keep the Faith, and learn from all of this to not be led around by Ape Shit Logic, as we would be having one bad fight on our hands now if we had them running things, instead of cutting criminal Clinton off in every route and vanquishing her.

You better start getting used to the reality that Donald Trump knows more than you do. He is smarter than the Republicans he beat by God's Grace, trolls the media for sportful recreation and has been handing Hillary an education in political campaigns, which she never will figure out to her dying day.

We are close to the victory by Christ. You get yourself moving, get out the vote and always positive for Donald Trump and always pointing out Hamrod is defeated and going to prison.

For those who do not understand it yet, a great part of the vote that shifted to Donald Trump last week was Democrats who have had it with Hillary Clinton. This week it will be competing Democrats and Independents turning to Donald Trump to vote.
We keep this up, and there are going to be numbers of Libertarians and Greens who will decide to vote for a winner in Donald Trump on election day, to give a big FU to Hillary Clinton who hates them all.  

TRUMP 2016 2020