Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Lame Cherry Mini Skirting the Subjects

Trump picks pro wrestling mogul McMahon for administration role

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Congratulations on American Business Woman, Linda McMahon, being nominated to run the crucial Small Business Administration. The McMahons are self made people in the American Dream and Mrs. McMahon will serve America well.

Note to Mrs. McMahon........the moment the liberals try and smear you about steroids in WWE, just ask them how that Rooney from the Steelers got to be Obama Ambassador, with the Ben Rothlesberger raping women and the chronic thuggery in the NFL.

Trump cuts ties with Flynn Jr.

I am liking General Mike Flynn more and more. The Bush insiders bitched about Bill Casey at CIA meeting with the snake venom cowboys in the White House basement, but that is where the world turns, and NSA Director Flynn is a voice for the conspiracy advocacy groups, and that is something which is missing far too much in the Trump Trans.
General Flynn's son is a molotov ally and Michael Flynn jr, has accomplished as much as Jeff Rense in keeping information flowing and again giving voice to the forgotten men and women in America.

Nom des Deus, we are coming out of 8 years where Obama was pictured with halos, called a messiah, called a god, and took credit for killing an actor portraying bin Laden, and Andrew Breitbart was murdered in the intrigue, and people are worried Mike Flynn jr. was tweeting about Pizzagate?

It was revealed by a popular girl that Pizzagate was retribution on Brock and Podesta, and designed to expose the pedophiles in that Clinton circle around these two. That circle is connected and wants this shut down, and is shutting it down. It does not matter the chatter that Gordon Duff is being fed as in Clinton mode he swipes at the buzzing of the insects in James Fetzer and Alex Jones, because it all gets worked out as whoever sent the message to those who received it, were successful.

Mike Flynn jr. belongs at Voice of America. With the right budget and Lansdale operation, could have the Chicoms hiding behind their chopsticks in 6 months.

This has been a Lame Cherry mini skirting of subjects which need attention, but not complete posts.

I have yet to receive my White House super duper top secret clearance, six figure salary, two assistants, an office in the cellar, and tearing out Lurch Obama's garden, and putting in a gun range there, where Baron Trump can relax with his dog Patton, shoot off his various airguns, as he holds court in no diplomat gets into see his dad, unless they meet the Baron test.
Baron Trump can not be groomed soon enough to be President.

Note to Hope Hicks, get the kid his dog, and let the kid and the dog run wild and free inside and outside the White House, as young boys should, as he was picked on by that fat Rosie O'Donnell. Let the boy have his dog, that sleeps in his room, gnaws on antique furniture and pisses on the carpet. He has been through enough, is a fine young gentleman, and it is time he had Baron time.

PS: Have brother Don take Baron and Patton out to some caged bird club and let the dog go nuts doing what they do in chasing birds.

Everybody does not have to be as uptight as Hope Hicks pouncing on definitive statements about puppies like it was Malia Obama huffing dope at a whore concert.

Nuff Said