Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Scott Rockholm

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Tiger Lily out of goodness in trying to keep people informed has been on Facebook, being smarted off to by asstards. One by the name of Scott Rockholm does not "trust" those with a nom de plume and piled on with someone else who just did a should we know this "Tiger Lily" smart ass remark, and has been deleted, along with his satanic friends including someone who spent 600 bucks on her new bedsheets apparently.

I have had it with being nice to you people who have absolutely no sense and absolutely no Christian charity in you to appreciate what God has worked through the Lame Cherry or the Tiger Lily to save your pathetic lives.

I have witnessed nothing but a bunch of MOG's and now bully brats who are out of the woodwork now pouncing on everyone and trying to shut them up, as that is what always takes place when the mob has something handed to them.

So all of you trash know, who are associated with these brats, YOU ARE BLOCKED. You are friends with these bullies, then suffer the Judgment of God with them. If you donated, which you did not, that does not give you the right to beat on someone I love for the sadist pricks you are. I know your type in being all mouth behind a keyboard, but gave up spouting off in public as everyone hates you and you are too afraid of getting your ass kicked up to the bar.

So BE GONE as I have had it, and if you have been deleted from TL's account, you know you are part of the ilk which has brought the curse on America or are friends with the culprits.

Actions have consequences, and as it needs stating again, YOUR SINS BE BOUND  TO YOU IN JESUS NAME, UNBREAKABLE AMEN AND AMEN.

I have a shitty enough job as Prophetess without this excrement disrupting the work God is doing through me and every last cursed one of you is going to be blocked and deleted as I do not ever want any of your non Christian evil around anything I do ever again, as you chose bullying as your brains can not keep up with TL.


Nuff Said.