Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Suggestion to President Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that those fine Soros funded folks have been hijacked by Michael Moore for a big propaganda production to become a sea of terrorism in Washington DC on January 20th, a suggestion is placed for consideration.

As the Obama regime has located 7000 terrorists on the Standing Rock Reservation, working with George Soros to drive up oil prices, with OPEC Terror Oil, and depriving freezing Americans from fuel and food. There is a reality in this as razor wire is already in place and as Standing Rock is 2.3 million acres not being used...........what about a nice safe zone out in North Dakota.

Seize Warren Buffett trains to haul them out there.

There is lots of space, fresh air and 20 below nights with 50 below wind chills.

There are lots of used military tents for invigorating shelter.

There is lots of razor wire and mines to make a nice FEMA camp out there.

And, you can tell these terrorists seeking to overthrow the legally elected Government of these United States, that if they survive to spring after the April floods,  that they will be given a pardon, to go serve the rest of their sentence in nice balmy 120 degree Sudan.

Let Law Abiding America finally make use of these wasted Indian Reservations.

Obama liked opening the flood gates on Americans in Missouri River wilding and it cleaned out the river, so no need to bury the terrorists.........just run them through the Oahe Dam's hydro generators and they will be recycled to proper salmon chow.

Just a suggestion on what to do with terrorists on the Mall.

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