Tuesday, December 13, 2016

American Intifada


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Ami Horowitz is probably someone none of you have heard of, but he is an intrepid investigative journalist who carries Trump signs to Hillary Clinton terror events and recently he arrived in Sweden to investigate the "No Go Zones" which are appearing all over Europe and will be arriving in America if President Trump does not deport these Islamic terrorists which Obama is dumping into every area of America.

Documentary director attacked by gang of immigrants in ...

US producer Ami Horowitz was examining the effects of immigration in Sweden ... Film-maker says he was beaten and choked ... Ami Horowitz interviewed a ...

Mr. Horowitz stated that the minute he "crossed the line" he was attacked by a group of Muslim males who started beating him, and got him on the pavement. As he looked around, the entire Muslim audience did nothing to help him, but were laughing and enjoying the entertainment.
Knowing he had to do something, he got to his knees and throat punched one of the attackers, made it to his feet and ran.

The problem is the Muslims caught him again and dragged him into a building. It was then he thought he was going to be murdered, but somehow made it out alive.

Mr. Horowitz was in Sweden to investigate the spike in Muslim Rape Cock in assaulting Swedish women and children, as there is a direct correlation between the Muslims that the Swedish left has brought into that nation, and mass rape.
In speaking to Swedes, Mr. Horowitz discovered a psychopathy of denial, in they do not want to face what is happening to them. This same denial was spoken of by Frosty Woolridge who had a friend in the Lowlands who refused to speak to him, because Frosty is for safe borders, and the European told him, "We just have to understand and get along with the Muslims".

Understanding Muslim Rape and Getting along with Islamic Terror.

That is the disconnect in this, which boggles the normal mind, and yet that is what Mr. Horowtiz discovered.

Without looking up his genetics, Mr. Horowitz is Ashkenaz Jewish, yet not one word of condemnation from American Jews in their liberal supporting voting blocks of this Islamic attack on a Jew. This is a story sidelined and ignored and will not be covered.

All of this is beginning in America. I remember an American oil company employee stating that Muslims were just fine if it was one on one or one on three, but when it got to be one American to six Muslims, then suddenly their real personality appeared. America has broken that threshold with the Obama regime importation of terrorists, and America is now faced with a reality that in the coming months there will be an Intifada in America in order to intimidate President Trump and the American People from deporting these criminals.

As one looks around, one can see Chuck Todd, Joy Behar in the Molotov Media involved in sedition, and in the political realm there is John McCain and Lindsey Graham who are the terrorist enablers in the US Senate. It is not just the terrorists which must be deported, but these intelligence assets who are paid to spew the Soros line in Mockingbird, must be held criminally accountable, as America has an established clan of Islamists who will rise up.

For  the record, Sweden has disarmed Swedes to their last guns. Most of those guns appeared in America via Cabelas. The fact is though Mr. Horowitz has discovered that arms smuggling is now flooding Sweden in illegal guns. The terrorist Muslims have weapons, but Swedes do not, and are no longer capable of fighting back.
As an obvious conclusion,  these guns are coming into Sweden by the shipload from Muslim Turkey, as the Belgiums who own American gun companies as Winchester and Browning have all of their arms manufactured in Turkey, and in past gun shipments smuggled into Europe, their point of origin was Turkey.

This is the same Turkey carrying out Obama McCain oil smuggling with their well trained ISIS terrorists.

What this blog does is warn, and unless President Donald Trump makes this a priority in going after the intelligence assets in the Molotov Media, the terror godfathers in McCain, Graham and Rubio in the  Senate,  and deporting ALL "refugees" to safe zones that the Obama regime has invaded America with the past 8 years under that guise, there will be an American Intifada, and it will not just be Saudi  Arabia and OPEC cutting oil supply, but OPEC using more than Standing Rock terrorists to cut US oil pipelines out of North Dakota.

What is happening in Standing Rock is an Obama terror instigated and nurtured event. There are more terror events aimed at stopping the will of the People in electing President Trump. Disturbingly, we now have the NSA in open warfare over Director Mike Flynn being appointed and the CIA manufacturing "Russian Hacking" stories and planting them with the Chuck Todd's and Joy Behar's to fat ass about in this sedition against America.

Americans must understand that there must be a crackdown in America against these criminal enablers and the terrorists, or there will be an America Intifada, which will attack your vaginas and your energy supply, with a terror that Swedes are now in Stockholm Syndrome over.

The Obama regime has imported unvetted Muslims and they must all go back, and there must be a complete review of what crimes the CIA, NSA, along with John McCain and Hillary Clinton have been engaged in with the Clinton campaign of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, as High Crimes against the American People can not stand for it they do, America will not be great again, but will remain in the abyss which Birther Obama laid the Virgin to rest.

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