Tuesday, December 6, 2016

God Keep Our President in Holy Angel Protective Care


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

By now several of you have run across this story and posting by David John Oates on Gaytube.

Second Trump Speech Reversal Speaks Of Assassination
From David John Oates - A Must Listen

What is about to appear here is a reality of practicing what I preach. If I posted on this the details which the matrix is pointing to, I could generate the mega hits again as stories do here, but there is a responsibility to not aid deranged folks, and the prime directive in this is to always keep the President safe. One does not educate the lunatic fringe in posting details.

Here is what the matrix pointed to though, in this event which Mr. Oates found in Reverse Speech, has already taken place and was neutralized. It was in New York and I was extremely uneasy about all of this before inquiring about it.

I will not go into further details or assessment on this subject, as more information in analysis would only create a worse problem for those who are protecting the President. The matrix pointed to though that this was one of those lunatics of the Soros protests.

The Secret Service accomplishes a very difficult and thankless job, but they are very much appreciated now by the Trump family, and their professionalism and long hours are the professionals which far too much has been degraded the past 8 years.

I apologize though to the readers as this is one of the few times I can not analyze this, even though it was a fascinating subject in the details. It is a matter though of what is important, the safety of America or a few more donations. America and the President being safe has no second place.

I leave it at that, and every other person should too, as I still maintain the other reversal was about Mr. Trump speaking about healing, and not the other. This time though on the first reversal Mr. Oates appears to have discovered a neutralized event.

Perhaps in January of 2024, after two wonderfully safe terms of President Donald Trump, I will post on this as then it will be history and not matter.

God keep our President in Holy Angel protection in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.