Friday, December 9, 2016

Gorillla Nursing

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I understand that congratulations are in order to Mr and Mrs Cernovich on the birth of their daughter. I know few of the details as it is not like I was at the midwife's house nor watching the NSA feed, except all went well and the child was a wisp of a thing weighing in at under 7 pound.

That is a good thing, as Mrs. Cernovich is a Persian woman, and not beefy like Muchelle Obama, but gorgeous and slight of build like most Persian Semites are. Yes Persians are the offspring on Noah's son Shem, so are Semite.

I do not want though people to be alarmed at the light weight of the Cernovich babe, for the simple reason out in cattle country there is a saying, "Grow em out of the womb", and in that we open a discussion of the Cernovich's in Gorilla Nursing. I have not yet decided if I want to build a career on this, have my own Mark Levin television program where Mark Steyn can have Martha Stewart bake yule logs while my show would deal with the comfort of large breasts in examining them throughout history.

See out in cow country, we like Mrs. Cernovich types. Lots of spirit and they don't eat much, but you got to know what you are doing, or you will go bankrupt, that is why when you get a white Ashkenaz bull, like Mike on top of a Persian easy keeper, you have to do a bit more or you end up with light calves in the fall.

 Out in ranch country, they get this Red White Faced Hereford and put him on these Black Aberdeen Angus cows, who turn out Black Baldies, who have these huge tits, that produce gallons of milk. This is important, because on the Baldies you put a big White Charolais French bull, and get these pretty tan calves who then suck gallons of milk out of the womb, and turn into 600 pound money maker feeders in the fall.
See the white calves pop out normal weight, but you grow em big out of the womb. If you try to grow em big in the womb, it kills the cow by ripping her up and the calf dies too, and there is no money in that.

So Mrs. Cernovich having the slight child is ok, we just need to employ the lessons of the Bible.

See in the Bible, the Persians and Arabs had goats, lots of goats. Goats are good milkers, because let's face it that homo sapiens like bovines do not produce the same butterfat as other races in their class.

For example, when Moses was in the boat on the Nile. The daughter of Pharaoh got an Israelite woman to nurse the lad, as Egyptians just do not have the butterfat content, in you just do not see fat nor tall Egyptians. For that matter, you never want to hire a Mexican, as them women put on the ton after they reach 15 years, but them short men, and skinny kids all indicate that Mexican tit milk is weak as water. You might as well let a Mexican baby sniff the cap for all the good that nursing does.

In this though, you will notice the Anglo Saxons from Germans, Scandinavians and Anglos all are good milkers in their women, and turn out these giant children who rule the world. They do not have goats, but in America supplement a great deal with lots of cows milk.

Back in the day, no self respecting Southern Belle would nurse their child. Nursing makes the tits sag, and winding your tits around your corset did not  make Scarlet pretty, so the Southern women had them Afroids do the nursing.
There is an important part in this, in the Negroid is an easy keeper, but in Africa the babies get fat, but they amount to nothing. What them White planters though came up with, was riding some of them black slaves to produce the Black Baldie, in you got the high production of the Holstein from Germany with the high butterfat content of the Jersey, and them slaves grew like Goliath and created an entire Jewish owned professional sports industry.

Them old Mammies with them big tits, could nurse their own and a passel of White children up to the plantation house, and Scarlet's tits kept perky until she went tits up. That is where tits up comes from in old Southern women dying, and their perky tits pointing to the sky in praise of the Lord.

Any way, as Mike Cernovich is the proper size for producing wee babies in his petite Persian wife, we have he dilemma of growing this baby, as I doubt the Cernovich's have access to a herd of goats, and this baby really needs the real deal in mother's milk.

So like Pharaoh, I think Mike Cernovich should put an ad up in Craigslist for Gorilla Nursing. I figure he needs to set the size at Oprah, as you want all that lard to produce milk, and not have to worry about the feed he is putting into his Mammy. I would also get drug tests as you never can tell, and I recommend size G tits, to be on the safe side. Mr. Cernovich could get a few breast pumps too and give himself a work out in milking the Mammy a few gallons extra each day. I hear it makes a nice milk soap, compared to the Spanish olive oil soap.

Where was I?

Oh yes, Mike Cernovich breast pumping a black Mammy. It has to be G size tits, as even with Muchelle Obama's big ass, those thin tits she has sagging away, are never going to produce enough in just wearing the wee babe out, and giving Mr. Cernovich carpel tunnel or something as nothing in this world is worse than a hard milker. You want a tit that you just touch it and the milk runs out........don't want to drown the wee babe either mind you, so pay attention, but Mr. Cernovich could stipulate in the Craiglist that he would have to do some milking before the contract was signed.
Personally, besides the drug test, I would send off a gallon to Kraft and get them to do a butterfat test, just to make sure you were getting creamy style and not some mastitis looking watery milk which would starve the kid.

So the milkers Mike Cernovich wants are these Afroid crosses first, and then he could move onto them German fraus as like the Scandinavians, they turn out them big boned sons  of bitches which conquer planets, and you can't grow bones without lots of milk out of the womb.
I hear Bohemian women do good too, so don't be fooled as they are thin little things, with small udders, but you get the right one and you got a dairy farm on your hands.

I suspect with the right Mammy and that little under 7 pound baby will be up to 30 pound in no time. And no do not worry about fat babies, as once them little ones start running around, they burn all that fat is necessary to help them grow.
Then just get them a nice butterfat dairy cow, feed them lots of eggs, bacon and steak, and that little girl will become a right proper leader....probably grow up to be President as meat eaters of beef always grow up leaders. Reason the Chinese never ruled anything, as you can't win wars on fish and pork.

Think that about covers thing in Gorilla Nursing. Someday someone will make a great deal of money in stealing this idea and writing a book about it, and doing butterfat testing on homo sapiens and act like they never got the idea here first, in this blog just trying to help out the Cernovich's to grow the next President of America.....or maybe she might rule Iran and throw them turban heads out for some real advancement of those fine people.

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