Thursday, December 8, 2016

John Glenn, the hero behind the Chimp

Hero Astronaut, Former Senator, John Glenn Passes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I don't know what this bullshit is about John Glenn being a hero is about, when he was the first woman in space.

If you do not get it, the educate yourself in the Russians put a dog and a man in space before America, and a chimp beat John Glenn into space too. So I doubt hero status goes to a democrat who comes in behind a dog, a Russian and a chimp. In the Olympics they do not even hand out Obama medals for fourth place finishes.

So what John Glenn's career was, he was not Chuck Yeager a real American hero as a test pilot, but John got into a rocket, he did nothing in the rocket, NASA fired him into space like a chimp, and he came back to earth......yeah big yawn.

But the folks at Ohio thought it was big deal, as they voted the liberal into office for decades, so Glenn could fuck up America with Teddy Kennedy and the Clinton's in passing all that gun control, welfare, abortion and illegal invader shit.

So John Glenn was Hillary Clinton. 43 men and 1 Birther Obama achieved the White House before Hillary, who everyone thought was a man anyway, and Glenn did the same thing, he came in 4th behind a dog, a Russian and a chimp.

John Glenn  though did not ask for recount nor have George Soros send our terrorist rioters. He just had Ohio put his communist ass into the US Senate.

No hero here, unless you are handing out medals for the light bulb, car and Mac I invented today.....oh and I wrote the Merchant of Venice today too. At least I beat the canines and primates.

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