Saturday, December 10, 2016

Standing Rock Terrorism

Note: For the asstards who think these are "Indians" at Standing Rock, just look at the color of them, in most are whiter than you are. That is because they are FRENCH who married Indians.
The homme  in the head dress is named DAVE ARCHAMBAULT II, that is the reality. America might as well be in talks with Quebec as that Province has more standing than these "Indians" do to these lands, because these "Indians" are TERRORISTS.

Read some real history and stop being led around like a chimp on a leash.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is virtually impossible to find media links documenting the terrorism at Standing Rock, but the following reports are accurate and factual.

Let us just say you are someone who got hurt in life and likes having Indians on a leash, deluding you into thinking they are innocent, and they are protesting and you support them.

Here is a question, what if the protest was next door to you, there were guns being fired at police, your pets were being eaten, and 7000 of these people.......terrorists were not just next door, but on your property trespassing. Would you still support your life being destroyed for their cause?

That is the reality in this, in you are being lied to in Standing Rock does exist, but there is a BRIDGE over a ravine, and the protestors are on private property without permission, that is not the reservation.

Does that change anything for you?

More Than 300 Dakota Protestors Trespassing On Private Land ...

More than 100 Dakota pipeline protesters arrested for trespassing and assaulting ... police between the Standing Rock Reservation and the ...

Let us add  some more information, in did you know that there have been over 600 arrests in these terrorists, that they have assaulted police with rocks, and fired weapons at them. Is this something you are comfortable with?

Scenes of Jewish solidarity from Standing Rock

Trin Schrode, a Jewish environmental activist, was standing on the bank of North Dakota's Cannonball River last month, interviewing one of the thous…
The Jewish Journal...2 days ago

Let us add some additional information onto the above in did you know that the North Dakota State Police actually negotiated with the terror leadership, and agreed to pull back from this bridge, to allow the terrorists room to protest on the south side?

Sounds very generous does it not as the Police have stood down?

Now what if you add this information in, immediately after the terror leaders received this concession, and the Police retreated, 4 protesters were scene surveying the area, and immediately 3 males crossed the wire and entered private property again, where they were immediately arrested.

Where was the 4th protester?

Why this person has a digital recorder and was recording the entire event. These are terrorists who literally sent in 3 agitators to break a stand down order, in the hope that they could catch law enforcement in some act of excessive force, in order to have it spread all over the Soros media and Gaytube in order to inflame the situation more.

I keep warning you nimwits that this is not about an oil pipeline. This is about Soros getting oil prices driven up for OPEC to get at Donald Trump, while you pay for high gas prices and freeze this winter. This is about Obama Indian sovereignty in making these terrorists separate nations INSIDE OF AMERICA, which would be a security disaster in what happens when China starts stationing troops at Standing Rock to protect Chinese oil there?

I will remind all of you a fact of history. Do you know why the Hunkpapa Sioux are on that reservation?

It was due to the fact that in 1875, they spent the summer terrorizing the railroad in Montana, almost genocided the 7th Cavalry that summer, and in the autumn tried to genocide the Crow Indians, who then petitioned Congress for protection in asking for the 7th Cavalry to punish the Sioux, which is what brought  about the Little Big Horn mass murder of Americans.
These Sioux then fled as terrorists to Canada, where they were protected, until they were forced out, and for the idiocy of idiocy, were given millions of acres of lands in the Dakotas, for being terrorists.

The American People generously housed them, fed them, clothed them, educated them, gave them Christianity, and is still providing welfare, and the net return is these same Indians are the same terrorists they were 150 years ago, and are engaged in genocide against Americans over American oil in being involved with the Obama Soros cartel.

These people are all terrorists, and all belong at Gitmo, from the propagandists for Soros to the squaw men roaming around out there, to these Indians.

America must close all of terrorist Indian reservations of community organized communists, and allot the land which is left over to American homesteading, and wean the Indian to the proper place in humanity, as no longer being a dog on  the Soros leash to bark at Americans and eat our pets, but as a voting, working member of society.

I repeat the above, that the Police stood down, and then these terrorists tried to create a riot, causing more terrorism in North Dakota, and no doubt the plan is for every Indian encampment in America to begin protesting to get the Americans out next.

Obama to visit Standing Rock Sioux | TheHill

President Obama will announce a series of new jobs and education initiatives designed to assist Native Americans during a visit with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in ...

Nuff Said.