Friday, February 17, 2017

An honest to God Ice Shack

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am dreaming of building an ice fishing shack.

When you are poor you dream, when you are rich you waste money buying other people's nightmares.

- Lame Cherry

See I want a shack, like I grew up with, a sort of glorified two holer outhouse.

The thing is we had a portable as ice houses used to weigh a ton, like the modern Minnesota houses which are ridiculous, costing around 10,000 dollars. They are homes away from home and I do not want that, nor to sleep out in one, and have the propane heater spew death fumes as those Minnesotans with that wise idea discovered about the time they died.

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Portables used to be 3 sheets of plywood, a door cut in them, a light canvas tarp for the roof, and it folded on the end in hinges with that end raised a few inches to accommodate the other end and tarp. Everyone had them, and you could make one for like 150 bucks with a good they got 600 dollar sucker shacks looting money from rich people again.

I was looking for plans for a light ice shack I could pull with an ATV when we get rich. Thing is those ATV's I was looking at them and they weigh like a bull elephant. I mean what in the hell is something that small weighing 6000 pounds to break through the ice. That is like a pick up, and with the pick up you get a heated interior.

First things first though in I was looking a pictures of idiot ice houses, as idiots made them. I was trying to not tax my brain in designing one, but apparently no one is taxing their creative soul by the looks of these gems.

I actually built a 1 woman portable ice shack, fold down, but there is not much room for TL and myself in a one woman shack on a kid's sled skies.

This looks expensive, but the size I want.

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Then again a stupid design with the door over the wheel or the wheel cranks up on cable which sucks in the cold and if one breaks and takes your eye much for the dream of that turning nightmare.

I like the idea of this one, until you start trying to pull this down in a 40 mile an hour wind or it is so light blows the hell away but leaves your back ache from lifting it.

I like the idea of the aluminum things, but that costs, and this dude is far too anal in perfection. Lord God I could imagine you having to take a shower before you entered this castle and God help you if you ate chips in it.

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This is a nice idea, but I ain't into being a voyeur's dream on the ice.

Ok now this is more my style, like 1950's Canada look, with the plastic boots which froze your feet off, even with itchy wool socks you got from your dead grandfather, and clothes so thin you never thawed out until the first fall frost the next year.

I think this has potential.  I would put a door on it though that fit non Lord of the Rings characters, some light wheels on an aluminum frame, insulate it, a Mr. Heater propane (I tested that when our lights went out, and even heating up the baby calf later for 2 hours, we got like 22 hours and some fuel left in the tank, so this might work out). I want to make it in the 200 and not over 250 pound area......could be lighter at 150, but I don't want it shooting away with us in it, in a big wind either.

It is why I post things like this, for my personal information, and to think the world was pretty good back in the black and white days, when you could be normal and the worst thing was you died of a heart attack, instead of being kept alive to get invader raped by a Muslim.

I do know that as in Muslim cock rape, I do not want that, nor a fish house that looks like this.

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I just want a shack. Little bigger than Dr. Who's tardis, something that might fold up, but not be so complicated I am exhausted and no longer want to fish, and of course not weigh 5000 pounds nor blow apart in being pulled to the lake.

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I am sure when I build it, it will appear by the thousands and be sold for that too, to the people with lots of money who like buying other people's nightmares.

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