Wednesday, February 8, 2017

By God Australia Does Have Mates

 Dingo Killer on a Walk About

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has had it with the faggot English leadership and the lick mein ass German leadership, as if those people do not rise up and vote for Nationalists, they deserve Putin H bombs.

The Lame Cherry celebrates the Australians in rising up and kicking that fuckhead Malcolm Turnbull to the curb after he got slapped down by President Donald Trump over those damned invaders, who should not have been in Oz in the first place.

I still state, let us dump the whole garbage lot on the Falklands and that jug ears Charles deal with them as that Theresa May is so inclined to have them suck her saggy tits.

I still am upset over Australia not bombing New Zealand over that atomic freeze, and repopulating that island with some real mates and sheilas to produce a warrior race, and there is that Rachel Ward incident of the mates not making Brian Brown prove he was man enough for her, but this slap down of that mutant Turnbull heartens me that the Australians are a chosen race, who will rise up, take back their guns and Bibles and rid Australia of their genocidal leaders.

I really want to go to Australia one day, shoot crocodile, kill dingo, ride brumbie and eat garwanna. I have hope now to fulfill that dream, providing they boot that mutard Obamite out of office, and grow a set of manly balls and ovaries.

God save Australia!!! G'day Mates.

Post Script: How about a settlement of Brian Brown vs Malcolm Turnbull in a stingray fight to the death. Each combatant had as stingray spike and the winner either employs Turnball genocide on Australians or the winner liberates Australians to God, Guns and we finally can put to rest the question if Brian Brown is worthy of Rachel Ward, as a man should have to slay another man in a national duel of genocide to prove his worthiness.

Oh and bombing of New Zealand by Australia starts the next day.

The Helen of Australia

One more thing, our feed store guy was in Mexico on vacation and heard only praise for Donald Trump from the wealthy English there. The phrase was something like, "About goddamn time America grew a set of balls and elected a leader".

That is what is percolating in the Land of Brexit, not that bullshit of the BBC.