Friday, February 24, 2017

Cashew Milk

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My purpose is service to humanity, and I have discovered something in the world of pig crap tasting soy milk which is a culinary delight.

Awhile back, I found a blender at the thrift store for a quarter. I sort of helped it out, as it was missing the blender top thing, and borrowed one from another one setting there, and had no idea the adventure I was going to be taking.

See our grocery instead of throwing out expired food, puts it on sale........and yes I buy it like numbers of other people.

Not many people here are interested in health food. This is heavy cream and butter shopping, so I get a great deal of vegetable milk on the marked down counter in soy and almond milk. I use almond milk with a banana in the blender for a morning addition to our diets.
Jeff Rense used to have a smoothie that had all sorts of stuff in it, but this is just banana and almond milk.....and yes I drank so much almond milk when I was sick from dairy bacteria, that I developed nut fat allergies too........took a year and a half to get over the pain of that.

Any way, last week I noticed some Cashew milk for sale. I never heard of this before, so picked it up and used it today. For this it is much better than almond milk. It is sweeter and has that almost cashew flavor to it.

I suppose that numbers of things would help in this.....maybe vanilla and strawberries.......maybe a shot of heavy  cream, as I believe in eating things that taste like things you want to die from in gluttony, instead of dying from having to eat them.

I would mention that my body never much liked just apple carrot juice in the morning. I need things in my intestines to make them behave, and that includes vegetable fats. For something though different, this is pretty good. If you do not mind eating expired food it is cheap enough too.

Cashew milk smoothie, not the orange juice you are used to.

I am too poor to eat things like this, but this seems like a good not get the pineapple though if it should be included.


1 cup cashew milk
2 bananas (I like to use ripe bananas the flavour is better)
2 tablespoons fresh ginger (I usually use frozen ginger or fresh works also)
1 cup pineapple (frozen)
2 cups mango (fronzen)
2 cups frozen blueberries