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The following is a simple historical account of the Vietnam War in 'chaffers'.

What this has to do with is HAARP and Contrails, as it provides the genesis of the operations, in how metals as in aluminum in the atmosphere, provided a reflective screen in which typical radars would bounce off of,  and show an entire blob on the display, which would hide the American jets.

The typical set up was 4 to 8 chaffers who would unload their metal dusts in a corridor, with 4 Migcaps flying protective cover, and then the bomber crews  would fly in this corridor on their bombing run.

The chaff bombs were designated as M 129's and would be deployed at 20 second intervals. This would create a corridor up to 6 miles wide and 30 miles long, which was an amazingly large grid to cover with this small of deployment.

The chaffers and Migcaps never had any concern in being shot down by surface to air missiles as the chaff provided cover and missiles could not lock on them. In one instance a pilot counted 70 SAM  2's rising through this corridor and striking nothing.
(Migcaps, term of US pilots flying cover or cap on an operation to protect the other pilots.)

The point in this is, that when a few fighter bombers can create this type of reflectivity screen daily, then aircraft loaded at altitude with mist dispensers are capable of the same and greater results in dispersion.

That is not to say that every contrail is HAARP related, but it is a reality that some are, and there is a reality that when volcanoes erupt and disperse debris into the upper atmosphere that it takes a year to filter out. So HAARP at high altitude could produce like results in the metals for reflecting various wave lengths.

There are over reactions always in the moron jumping to conclusions, but the above reality was taking place in the early 1970's in Vietnam and this primitive deployment worked. It is therefore a reality that other reflective veils were initiated and experimented with.

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