Monday, February 27, 2017

It is only fitting if my son dies under Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

God I loathe the hypocrisy of these political whores who claim righteousness in their silent grief, and then make it a point that they are part of the Obama treachery setting this nation on edge for riots in ripping it apart.

Meet the new Cindy Sheehan in Bill Owen, whose son was KIA in the Yemen approved operation, set up by the Obama regime, and could only be launched for best results on a moonless night, so it fell to President Trump and Mike Flynn to green light it.
For those who do not remember Cindy Sheehan, she was the leftist mother whose son was KIA under President Bush43, and Nancy Pelosi used her to drag the GOP to defeat so she could be Speaker, and right on cue here comes another political whore feigning silence and can not shut up to the press, who are going to use him willingly as a political assassination tool against a sitting President.

Owens and his SEAL commandos set out in the dark of night. Planning for the Yemen raid began last year during the Obama administration, but the execution was tabled because it was decided it would be better to launch the operation on a moonless night, which wouldn’t occur until after President Trump took office Jan. 20.

What this all revolves around is Bill Owens own words and his featuring his son as an Obama boy with pictures, and it all has to do with politics in Hillary Clinton's pet Muslim, that Khan, who attacked all Americans at the DNC while waving the Constitution at them, over the death of his son.

Owens, also a military veteran, was troubled by Trump’s harsh treatment of a Gold Star family during his presidential campaign. Now Owens was a Gold Star parent, and he said he had deep reservations about the way the decision was made to launch what would be his son’s last mission.

In research, the soldier Khan of Iraq, was killed because he let terrorists into the secure area of a compound. Khan's job was to train what was and would become the militant force of ISIS.

Yet here is Bill Owens featuring the proud photo of his son, not with Obama, but at the White House. This would be the same son and same Obama who oversaw the slaughter of SEAL Team Six in Afghanistan, but all of those dead SEALS by Obama and Joe Biden outing the as murderers of the bin Laden acting group in Pakistan, did nothing to dissuade the Owen's family from not desiring a meet with their Birther Hussein occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue.

The younger Owens served under three presidents and met one of them: Barack Obama. This photo is from a visit to the White House. Courtesy of the Owens family

Bill Owens wants an investigation into Yemen, and the Lame Cherry wholeheartedly agrees, because it is time that the Obama Muslim treachery be exposed, as what took place in Yemen was a set up by terrorists, in they knew the Americans were coming.
Just so all of us are on the same page in this, President Trump signed off on this operation, after being briefed for it's necessity by Director Mike Flynn, who had it on his program, because he had inherited it from the Obama regime.
The same regime which has been leaking stories to the press which are fake news. The same Obama group now under FBI investigation for releasing classified information to get the President and Mike Flynn, and the same Obama group who had Soldiers in kill pits in Afghanistan, ran up the body count on "not special" US Soldiers, did not have time to attend medal ceremonies for Vietnam Veterans, but none of that mattered to John McCain who created ISIS, the Obama's, nor apparently the Owen's family as there was not any protest to the Miami Herald.

So bring on the investigation, and let us all discover who it was in the Obama regime who set up this operation, knowing they would dump it into the Trump Administration as an action order.......KNOWING THAT IF PRESIDENT TRUMP SAT ON THIS THAT A NEW LEAK WOULD HAVE APPEARED THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP SAT ON AN OPERATION THAT YEMENI TERRORISTS KILLED AMERICANS IN THE DELAY.....because those behind this, were setting the political smear stage in President Trump would be smeared if he did something and smeared if he did not do something, because all angles were covered, and the reason the terrorists knew the Americans were coming is because the same Muslims in the Obama operations were still there leaking information to the terrorists.

Yes but Bill Owens does not want to talk, but can not shut up in his political vendetta, as he uses his son, in the most disgraceful way. We find out in the chattering Owens though that he still is mentioning the family of his son in offending them for political reasons, and admitted that he is a #NeverTrumper. Such a degraded condition these people operate under, in they will use anyone and say anything to carry out  their obsession against a President, because Hillary Clinton did not steal this election., so they have to get the President any way they can.

Bill Owens doesn’t want to talk about Ryan’s wife or his three young children. There are other things that he believes should remain private. He spoke out, he says, at the risk of offending some of his family and friends.

“I’d like some answers about all the things that happened in the timeline that led up to it. I know what the timeline is, and it bothers me a lot,” said Owens, who acknowledges he didn’t vote for Donald Trump. 

So let us bring on the entire investigation into the death of this SEAL, as Bill Owens in his open borders genocide of Americans, has focused on Trump protection of America, and how Owens has focused on this in it was those damned Muslims who leaked information over Trump policy, when the reality it was the Muslims who his beloved Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, with their implanted stooges leaked again information that put American Soldiers in jeopardy and body bags.

One aspect of the chain of events that nags at him is the fact that the president signed the order suspending the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Yemen, on Jan. 27 — the day before the mission.
Owens wonders whether that affected friendly forces in Yemen who were assisting with the raid.
“It just doesn’t make any sense to do something to antagonize an ally when you’re going to conduct a mission in that country,” he said. “Did we alienate some of the people working with them, translators or support people. Maybe they decided to release information to jeopardize the mission.”
No Bill Owen, the information release came from Obama Muslims in Centcom as it always has, and it was your political messiahs who hired them, and put them into power, as you preened over not being a racist in voting for you Designer Negro Obama as your warped hatred of America was focused on Donald Trump and still is focused on President Donald Trump, as you are not a parent, but a political pariah dishonoring America, the Navy and the SEALS.

To explain the above medals as no one cared enough on this hit piece on the President as SEAL Owen had only one purpose in this by his political papa.

Silver Star Medal Silver Star

Navy and Marine Corps Medal Navy & Marine Corp Medal

Bronze Star Medal Bronze Star

Purple Heart Purple Heart

Defense Meritorious Service Medal Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Joint Service Commendation Medal Joint Service Commendation Medal

Additional note: In Medal Display Order

Additional smaller stars appear on various medals, it means additional service, in stars or oak leaf clusters, an additional wounding as  in the Purple Heart

Service star - Wikipedia

... star pointing up on the suspension ribbon of a medal and or service ribbon. A silver star is worn instead of five bronze stars ... star is also similar ...