Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's not the wide load Mischa Barton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I grew up as a teenager driving a hay truck. It was interesting in the bales were large round bales of 1800 pounds, were loaded too high and would fall off at times if you hit the bumps in the road too much, you could not see behind you, so you had to weave before turning, the front wheel had a brake lock problem, it had a blown muffler and the fun was I was loaded so high that I had to hit the place just right under the high voltage electrical lines to not tear them down, and only leave them swaying like Tarzan the monkeyman's vine.

That is why I feel for Mischa Barton. She is nothing like Meryl Streep, in Barton has talent and brains. The only problem is Mischa's brain is full of urban knowledge, and she does not have some farm boy around to explain things to her, like not buying expensive mansions, don't get doped up, don't get drugged, don't scream across walls to have people think you are wacko, and when you are being evicted it is not the wide load that gets you into trouble on U Haul, but a the clearance load.

That is what Mischa lately in she ran her truck into a parking garage and had no understanding that her truck would not fit due to height restrictions. That is why overpasses on the interstate have warnings, as trained truckers get nailed on this human two dimensional weakness in brain function too.

As Mischa is having cash problems, if this building does not have warnings on height restrictions, she should get a lawyer and settle for two million, and then get a nice reasonable home and do some comicon things for some cash.

Anyway, this is showing support for Mischa, as some girls are not raised hauling hay or have their heads up their asses like Meryl Streep. I am quite proud of Mischa Barton as she took to trucking, in not only loading the truck good enough to not flip it, she did not flip it or run over people in driving it. She actually made the whole trip without incident, until someone built a building without a  tall enough entrance.

Put it this way, would you rather have Mischa Barton knocking the top off a truck, or looking at Lindsey Lohan's nasty snatch or listen to that nasty Meryl Streep? Mischa wins in this every time.
She just needs to do some hay hauling out in Nebraska fields to get some practice. The good life will heal her up from Hollywood, but I can not promise the asstard of Nebraska will not rub off. Ben Sasse is a poster boy for being the snatch boy of Nebraska......sort of a female version of Meryl Streep.

Roll on big Mischa......
We like the way you feel.

Six Days on the Road Dave Dudley - YouTube

the song "Six Days on the Road", sung by Dave Dudley

I got me ten forward gears and a George Overdrive
I'm taking little white pills and my eyes are opened wide
I just passed a Jimmy and a White
I been passing everything in sight
Six days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight