Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lame Cherry Catch and Release

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not going to take long, as being an advocate of the enjoyment of Canadian fishing.....not having a passport, the money, the time or the inclination to go to Canada and spend 500 dollars a fish......I do appreciate the catch and release of sport fishing in Canada.

For those who do not know catch and release, it is an idea where you have these chronically obsessed people who fish, every day, and would fill freezers of fish and not be able to eat them all, so they catch fish and release them.

With the rumors that American's rather underdeployed National Guard, in only driving trucks in Muslim lands and having sex there, and not being deployed nicely like in the 1960's in shooting Kent State protesters, but only now to round up invaders, the Lame Cherry advocates for President Trump what is necessary in this in needing a woman's touch.

As there is no better woman nor more popular female than the Lame Cherry, the Lame Cherry advocates this policy for these criminals in America.

See America is already very humane, in allowing itself to be raped, murdered, robbed and mafia'd by these Obama Clinton foreigners. And now President Trump is offering catch and release, catching them and releasing them in their cesspool lands.
This though is not enough, and America needs a sort of Chicom catch and release and a Mexican catch in release.

See in Mexico, they catch foreign invaders on the end of a bayonet. So the Lame Cherry advocates that President Trump deploy the American National Guard with bayonets as they round up these criminal invaders.

Mexico Deports More Immigrants Back to Central America than ...

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico now deports more Central American migrants than the United States, a dramatic shift since the U.S. asked Mexico for help a year ago with a ...

Nothing could be prettier than bayonets as dawn glistening in the sun, just like during the American Civil War.what a pretty sight the Americans described in those glorious years of thousands of Americans in line, advancing on an enemy with bayonets swaying beautifully in the sun like a serpent moving upon it's prey.

In a segue to this, what could be more lovely than a portion of those bayonets whetted in blood of America's enemies like the good olde days. Nothing like murderers, rapists, blackmailers, dope dealers, pimps and some high strung zealot impaled on good olde USSTEEL.
It is also environmentally friendly as with all that Chicom pollution in the oceans, the predator sharks are short on feed, and what could be better than a nice fat corn fed pepper spiced Mexican for a Hammerhead or a nice less marbled Islamic couscous fed ass steak to a Great White to help our ocean predators, by feeding them predators who have been preying on Americans with Obama carte blanche?

Now for the Chicom side of this as the Mexican has been learned from, because in China they do lots of things to human reproductive things like aborting babies. So I say, as the National Guard catches these criminal invaders, how about a nice traveling trailer where the invader is castrated or tube tied?

New Campaign in China Forcing IUDs, Sterilization on Women ...

New Campaign in China Forcing IUDs, Sterilization on Women, ... noted that decades of forced abortion and sterilization have placed China in a ... Chinese women ...

Is not that the New World Order thing in population control that Bill Gates likes? I think that is all quite barbaric in Gates giving Indian kids polio shots to kill them or the Rockefellers injecting cancer, but to save the world from the globalists, I say, we just need to put some chloroform on a cloth, get some veterinary students to tie some tubes on all of these breeder women and pull the nuts on these males, and splash on some pine tar and release them back into the wilds of the 3rd world.

Look PETA and Humane Society are doing this to Americans pets and are advocating this for coyotes, so what the hell Maxwell, this is their policy and is better than Planned Parenthood and the cartel genocide.

So in review, the National Guard puts on bayonets, kills about 1/10th of these illegals for shark food to save the sharks in green policy. Then the rolling vet clinics cut out the ovaries and testicles of these wild Mexicans and Muslims. That material is not wasted and is used to chum fish in feeding them off Floridia as they need a good diet too, and after that treatment, they are released, and it sure will be easy by the scars to tell who was booted out of America......cheaper than and RFID tag and you get a whole new supply of trained vets in America to make healthcare cheap for Americans.

In finality of this, think of MS 13, those testosterone thug gangs, deprived of their balls, in how docile they will become. Probably join a Catholic choir and sing soprano which will rival the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and we could all use some better Gregorian Chants as those pedo priests have pretty sickly destroyed good Catholic church choirs.

Neutering Male Dogs - the Behavioural Effects of Castration ...

... the Behavioural Effects of Castration. ... Because of the role that testosterone plays in aggression, many dogs behave less ... Castration of male dogs ...

So there you have it, the Trump White Paper with a woman's touch. I am sure Ivanka would have thought of all of this, but Mike Pence has been lying to her in distracting her, as this remedy would have been put into place by the Ashkenaz in the occupied territories to end the Muslim breeding problem there.

What policy could be better based on Obama's favorite Chicoms, the pet Mexicans of Martin Sheen, on PETA and the Humane Society in being green and the thing Bill Gates and Warren Buffett desire. Let America enact this policy immediately in having your Muslim and Mexican spayed or neutered to help control the Obama pet population.

Yes, the Lame Cherry Catch and Release Invader Program with some free medical care.

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