Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mike Pence Caught Selling Influence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The coup forces against President Donald Trump have been engaged in picking off certain individuals who are not bending at the waist for the Pence Bush coup against the President, chiefly Reince Priebus and Mike Flynn, in this smear campaign, so the Lame Cherry would appreciate the President and all Americans to actually understand some facts in this, that if Mike Flynn is guilty of speaking to Russians and may or may not have mentioned Russian sanctions (again CIA leaked information to the Fake News which is criminal as the source......same source on Pissgate), then without leaked CIA information, we know that Mike Pence engaged in breaking the law in making Executive Policy BEFORE HE WAS SWORN IN.

Here is the proof in the San Francisco Chronicle:

When Manchin, a centrist Democrat facing re-election next year, called incoming Trump White House adviser Katie Walsh in early January to request a meeting with Pence, the senator found himself face to face with Pence only a few hours later. They exchanged cellphone numbers and Manchin again sat down with Pence on Wednesday for a discussion that included the Supreme Court vacancy and federal judicial appointments.

Now the Lame Cherry reviews this:

First a question, why is the coup plotter, who hates Donald Trump, who bawled when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race, who is leaking, who is after Kellyanne Conway's or Reince Priebus' job in Bush fam, is the one that a Democrat calls to meet with Mike Pence?

Why is Katie Walsh, the best friend of the CEO of the DNC, the one a Democrat calls?

Why is it that Manchin naturally assumes that it is Mike Pence, who Manchin, a Democrat, can reach out to for a deal............

Sounds like quid pro quo in Mike Pence has cut a deal to re elect a West Virginia Democrat next year OVER A REPUBLICAN.

What sounds like a quid pro quo is a criminal act, because the only person who could have cut a deal in early January was the LEGAL VICE PRESIDENT IN JOE BIDEN. Anyone else engaged in that, is no different than you or former Governor Mike Pence, which is a crime as IT IS SELLING INFLUENCE.

We know absolutely that Mike Pence sold influence and SOLD OUT REPUBLICANS IN WEST VIRGINIA, because Senator Manchin who is Charlie Schumer's staff, has been voting for Trump appointments more than Lindsey Graham.

This all requires being labored over, because Mike Pence of Trump Trans, was involved in cutting out Trump loyalists and Christians, and is now cutting deals with James Baker over carbon taxing of Americans for Bush fam, and we discover that Katie Walsh was the co conspirator in setting up the illegal contact of Mike Pence and Senator Munchin. That is political pimping.

So we have before us the two primary coup plotters in Mike Pence, already called criminal by the Appeals Court in Indiana for stealing refugee money from the Obama regime and Katie Walsh, involved in influence pedaling.

See when Mike Flynn is smeared for talking about sanctions with Russia, that is ALL TALK, but when Mike Pence and Katie Walsh are involved in influence peddling, whether it is Russia or like Rod Blagojevich in a Senate seat, it is CRIMINAL, and Governor Blagojevich ended up in prison for doing what Mike Pence and Katie Walsh actually did.

We know for certain by the actions of Senator Manchin, that the man who lusts to replace impeached President Donald Trump and the woman who lusts to replace Reince Priebus or Kellyanne Conway, that Mike Pence and Katie Walsh sold out Republicans, just like they sold out President Trump, for their own deal.

If Mike Pence is forced out or fired, then Attorney General Jeff Sessions must indict Vice President Mike Pence and Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Katie Walsh, for influence pedaling.

It is time to indict the conspirators in the White House, Mike Pence and Katie Walsh. They have been collaborating for months against the Government of these United States.

They exchanged cellphone numbers and Manchin again sat down with Pence on Wednesday for a discussion that included the Supreme Court vacancy and federal judicial appointments.


Oh and better tell West Virginia Attorney General, a President Trump Loyalist who planned to run against Democrat Manchin in 2018, that he is already beat, because Mike Pence threw this Republican under the bus in a quid pro quo deal.

Too bad Patrick Morrisey as Mike Pence betrayed you, just like he is betraying President Trump and America.

Image: W. Va. Attorney General Eyes Senate Run Against Manchin

W. Va. Attorney General Eyes Senate Run Against Manchin

... West Virginia's Republican ... is considering running for Senate in 2018 against Democrat ... W. Va. Attorney General Eyes Senate Run Against Manchin ...

As Mike Flynn has now been forced to resign, it is time to force the resignation of Vice President Mike Pence and Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh on criminal activities.

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