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President Donald Trump and American Moral Doctrine

Bush Fam Plays Nuclear Roulette With American & Korean Lives
in a #NeverTrumper Intrigue Gotcha

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There is a fact that North Korea has the absolute right, as  the Japanese had the right to exterminate Filipino headhunters on the north island in the 1900's as that was Japanese territory, for Kim Jong Un, under his system of regime to regicide his brother Kim Jong Nam.

There is also a President Ronald Reagan fact, that in morals which have been shattered under Barack Obama, that evil must be defined as such and not rewarded. In this, President Donald Trump was exactly correct in cancelling a "diplomatic" meeting in New York, which featured the very characters in the past Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes to negotiate on American soil, more of their failed diplomacy which has taught Kim Jong Un that nuclear tantrums bring American bribes.

“I suspect it was a combination of the VX attack and the president’s personal pique that caused the reversal,” the person said. “Someone obviously looked at the fact that the United States was going to issue visas to representatives of a country that had just violated international law, carried out a murder and intentionally violated the sovereignty of another country, and decided, ‘Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.’”

The Lame Cherry maintains that Kim John Un has every right to execute his brother who was plotting the overthrow of Kim Jong Un as leader of North Korea,  even in Malaysia, as Barack Obama had no problem in the murderous regime changes in Libya and Syria.
What is good for the Americans is as fitting for the North Koreans.

International law is a lawless bastard of nuclear might makes right. It has violated national sovereignty when it fits the globalist purpose in destroying Syria when Rhodesia has blacks genociding Caucasians there.
It is the full right of any nation to do with it's subjects as it sees fit, and unless the people stand up and depose the tyrant, it is simply another LaVoy Finicum dead.

The Lame Cherry offers that President Trump is morally right in his actions concerning North Korea. It is a fact though that North Korea will devolve to another nuclear tantrum for attention. American policy though must not be based on who Kim Jong Un is executing to protect his regime. American policy must not be based in the failed globalists of past American regimes. American policy must be grounded in Christian morality with the pragmatism of understanding that North Korea must be dealt with not in past failures to repeat mistakes, but dealt with, so it is not dealt with in a war which will take tens of thousands if not millions of lives.

The Lame Cherry revisits the solution which was posted here, free from Clinton, Bush and Obama failed negotiators, and places this in American negotiations who understand North Korea.

It was an absolute mistake of bringing North Koreans to New York. That is not a first step, but a final step.

What the Lame Cherry progresses again is now a new necessity, whereby the United States stipulates that all diplomatic negotiations take place through Taiwan first who will convey messages to Pyongyang.

What must first now  take place is that diplomatic effort on Taiwan soil. The North Koreans must be informed that they show the good will as the cultural exchanges which took place between Peking and DC in the 1970's.
The United States will suggest that a series of cultural events with Mrs. Kim Jong Un will take place first in Tokyo, then in New Dehli, then in Berlin and then in Paris, will be a framework of western exchanges of North Korean performing artists, and Japanese, Indian, German and French artists in Pyongyang.

If no such incidents on either side are generated as in Nam incident, then a diplomatic step will be undertaken at a cultural gathering in Moscow under the offices of President Vladimir Putin.

This is a positive direction which both the Americans and North Koreans can exhibit behaviors by repetition to step back from the swords of words and war. The purpose of the Moscow meeting is understood to be the solution of a Peace Treaty to end the Korean War, and with that document signed, to begin START or arms reduction talks on the Korean Peninsula, along with crossings of the DMZ of Korean families and integration of trade between the Koreas.

That though follows, providing both parties maintain peaceful relations during the cultural exchange period.

President Trump was correct in his Reaganesque stand against evil empire, but until the American Government and all other Nationalist States remove themselves from the bounds of international laws which had the Obama regime murdering Colonel Khadaffi and not being arrested, while Kim Jong Un is penalized for legally protecting his regime from treason, then there will not be any foundation for any peaceful settlement.

Seriously, whoever signed off on this New York meeting with North Korea was sowing intrigue against President Trump again, in this treason of allowing North Koreans on American soil without any conditions having been met.
President Trump has taken the first step in denying North Korea. The second step is arresting those behind this intrigue of this "American delegation" and I would bet that damned Jim Baker who Mike Pence was hauling into the White House for Ivanka carbon taxes had a hand in this manipulation to drop a nuclear hot potato in the President's lap.

The Americans in the group represented a wide range of views on North Korea. Winston Lord, a former ambassador to China who was on the list of participants, recently wrote in a dissent to a report for the Asia Society that the United States should immediately step up sanctions on North Korea.
Others in the American delegation were Robert L. Gallucci, a negotiator on North Korea during the Clinton presidency; Victor Cha, a senior adviser on North Korea to George W. Bush; and Evans J. R. Revere, a former principal deputy assistant secretary of state specializing in North Korea.
Mr. Gallucci and Mr. Cha wrote a report for the George W. Bush Institute last year that emphasized the human rights abuses in North Korea.

 The evidence is this was Bush fam intrigue for a Jeb Bush "I told you so". Arrest these plotters Mr. President.

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