Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Higher You In You


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking today how six years ago I was almost dead. How I had decided to work myself to death, as my body was suffering from a severe case of allergic auto immune, in food was killing me. I was bleeding, my intestines felt like I had the flu every day and I had manifestations from blurred vision, heart skipping beats to inflammation of body organs, including my brain.
I had battled this since my dad almost worked me to death as a child a decade before and how I had never had a healthy day in my life, but I used my mind to will myself through.

This though is not about the sickness, it is about someone I appreciate who is the one that God worked through to put all of the pieces together for Donald Trump's election victory, that I am pissed off has not been thanked by those glory whores of the Trump Trans. She has suffered and gone through worse than I have, and still works on.
She is an incredible Lady.

It was what she mentioned in a past note that I have been thinking about, which brought me to how close I was to death for a number of years, in I was the person who never slept, and I did this because of depression, and I found that by willing my body to exhaustion, that the adrenaline would actually offset the symptoms. I existed in the quiet before the storm literally, in if I wore myself out completely I would collapse and be really panting to death sick, and if I got out of the quiet zone, I would feel like I was being baked by the sun.
I would have about one major spell a year and feel deathly and the rest of the time I just felt like I was dying. There was not any bed laying around though as I had to survive, and that meant my self induced narcotic of existing in the mind of will to get through.

If you noticed closely, I have mentioned body and mind. The next part comes to answering how it is I accomplish the work I do in the volume I do by God's Grace.

I noticed and that is what got me thinking about how sick I was and how sick I am. I still ignore most of the pain and things going wrong, as it would get in the way of life. I simply will myself to shut down noticing things and continue on. It is that feeling inside of me in the heart region which is different. For those who know the experience, of deciding "I am going to pray until I am tired", it is a Spiritual exhaustion. I have gone through that and found like St. Paul, once I was beyond that, I was conditioned and could do more. So I started doing more.
I used to write about one thing a day and one Spiritual thing, when energized, I would write something creative like poetry or music. As the blog attests something has changed in the call to duty and Glorifying God. It is the same revelation we witness in St. Paul, in broken body, turning out books of the Bible in captivity.

I listen constantly for God, the Holy Ghost, which is exhausting. It is on in the background, and in most cases I am running in my mind on autopilot. I just function in actions, while the Spirit is yearning in straining for God. That part does not go away. When I type this, it is me taking dictation from God in how things should be created and the flow enters into me, and I just start completing the post in not knowing where it is going in numbers of instances like this post.

In considering what I was asked in the question of how I do this, I actually assessed what I felt like, and I feel like I have this higher frequency in me, like swelling up at Christmas in goodness, but it does not go away. It simply generates constantly. I absolutely know I am the person I was, but I do not know what the creature I am exactly. I know it is Spiritual God frequency, and I know I am transfiguring into something. As I search for answers in this from the Holy Ghost, it is a reality of absorbing the Light of God constantly is converting me from a mortal to an eternal signature. I do not mean that I do not need Jesus, nor that this process is an alternative to the Holy Ghost. What it is, is an addition. I think it is what St. Paul and St. John were manifesting. They were living at an Angelic frequency if that makes sense, but a God frequency without being God. I simply am living faster than this human body that I am housed in.
Perhaps it is like Ghost when Patrick Swayze has to concentrate to move the coin in gaining Spiritual ability as he had none in life. I just am running at a higher gain, like an ultra high frequency, so I do get exhausted in the body is not designed for this, but I get stronger in Spirit and this body gets carried along.

I do feel like I have locked on as in a radar. I am plugged into God and that has developed in being my lone focus.

I still experience the burdens that every person does in things die here, I do not feel well, I get upset, but in the form I work as, in who I really am, I exist in a frequency where nothing gets tired and nothing is slow.

So I guess I am a bit of an oddity, as I have never run into anything quite like me. It is a puzzle as no one has information on this, except hints in the Bible, and I would not trust the information from the nitwits out there who are glory whores or satan broadcasters.

I just feel like I want to step through in transferring through whatever that stretch screen is. Maybe it is what Enoch did, but as he never was found and never came back to write it down, I do not know what this phase is in my Spiritual growth. Maybe there is a mountain on the other side to which I will say something like, "Shit, all of that and I am still an ant in the primate Spiritual realm". By God's Grace if I find out, I will find out, but that is how I am apparently by God's Grace in the Holy Ghost doing the work of 5 geniuses or a thousand earthers who write one good story a year and sit back and cruise the rest of the 52 weeks, acting like they accomplished something.

Gotta jet