Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Pedo Wars

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I post this with in trepidation, as President Trump with Ivanka have quietly entered into the world of sex abuse traffick, inside America and around the globe. The use of humans as perversion fodder is the lube which greases the gears of everything from terrorism to numbers of your local police forces.

The President in a short meeting announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was leading the group and they would investigate it all. For those who do not comprehend what this is, this is PIZZAGATE in what was exposed here, in someone was pointing fingers at John Podesta, who were furious at the Clintons for their  criminal actions, and it all centered on child rape.

This is the Gaytube Link of President Donald Trump announcing a focused investigation on going after the powerful syndicate behind the human sex abuse trade.

As Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney posted on this, this investigation if it goes where it should, is going to bring down key leadership in the democrat and republican parties. I would add this is media, military, intelligence and industry. This is the cartel wit their pet children, and is why CIA Director Bill Colby was taken out and assassinated.

George Takei Calls For 'American Spring' Against Trump Admin

There has been a great war in pedophilia taking place. It has been the EQUALZ of using sodomites as a platform for rights and the shift then to Milo Yankopolis and George Takei both coming out in stating a child can not be raped when the adult is "attractive" assaulting the child. None of this is by chance and is all design, just as Takei is now calling for terrorism in America, coordinated with image Obama who appeared back on stage in New York to lead this 30,000 terror network insurrection in March.

The great war in child rapists are the elite, who keep children as sex toys, and numbers of the people you see in the headlines as the powerbrokers are these people, and they have been making war on the lesser pedos who are not protected by the police state, as the elite guard child rape as their personal perk and no one else is allowed that power position.
That is the curb in this which Jeff Sessions  and his investigation are going to find themselves in, in there are minders for the pedo's all through the regime, and they will hand over the lesser pedo's to protect their masters AND TO MILO THIS IN THE FAKE NEWS in a twist of "Yes let us prosecute these child abusers who do it the scenes, but let us make it "legal for those who love children".
Watch for that twist as this is the netherworld of the most powerful creatures on planet earth who will destroy their competition,  use Tavistock and the entire fake news to steer this to their agenda, and gain for them legal protection.

There is great danger in this, as the programs, studies, trade of children reaches all through governments and finance. What is stunning in this is Ivanka Trump is involved in this, and yet being a Jewess by her husband, Jared Kurschner, the greatest ecstasy and Slavic sex ring in being run out of Tel Aviv.
Those displaced little children out of Chernobyl were promised the world and taken to the Israeli state to be raped for profit. New York has a same type of ring  as do all metro areas. If you remember the story of Lawrence Sinclair in meeting Barack Obama in Chicago, this touched on a division of this as Obama was a Chicago hostess who was sent out to entertain men who happened to be in the city for the weekend.

There are sex rings like the Franklin Scandal which surface in being attached to CIA, DOD and Bush fam, and there are sex rings that get Madams hung in the Florida homes for what they know, and then there are sex rings which are the elite which no one can touch and sex rings used to ensnare and blackmail people in positions of power, by hook or crook.

We are now in the danger zone, but if Jeff Sessions can overcome the dirty house the FBI is under Comey and McCabe, this pedo war is crucial in stopping the #NeverTrumpers and those forces engaged to stop his Make America Great Again policy.

The pedo elite will hand over their competitors and attempt as Milo and Takei to brainwash this into good rape by them, but if Jeff Sessions brings this network down it will bring down the Obama terror network also as that is what the "springs" were all about. Gaining access to children in nations in upheaval, whether it was ISIS, Tel Aviv or in New York.........or the children who vanish from your states.

........and you do notice except for the fringe media, no one including Rush Limbaugh has made one mention of this, including Matt Drudge.

Obama is building a 30,000 person army of “lynch mob” agitators to start riots, civil war across America

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