Monday, February 27, 2017

What a wonder President Trump is.

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President Trump tipping his Waiter 100 dollars

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is it that a lurking reporter, gets top secret information on where President Trump is going to dine for he night, and then posts all of the information on the security sweeps, including photos.

It is typical troll in a reporter somehow got an employee of Trump Hotel in DC to alert him when the President was dining there, and to place him at a table to photograph and observe the President.

Put this instead in the realm of a Muslim sympathizer working at the hotel, informing one of these Jimmy Kimmel terrorists what is about to happen, and getting him or her a table, and the night would be a different matter.

I do not know what is so hard in reporters to simply stop lying and deceiving and simply ask the President, "I would like to do a story sitting next to your table when you go out."

Instead we get this in too much information to assist America's enemies.

We do find out something though that President Trump is the same wonderful gentleman that he always is. He tipped his waiter 100 dollars. Pretty good tip for a man who America is only paying 1 dollar a year for the job he is doing.

Yes for around 15 cents in a month and a half work, President Trump has done a billion dollars worth of work.

The leaker to this reporter needs to be fired and this reporter and editor need a long sit down talk with Secret Service at Gitmo in what is proper and what is not to reveal about the President for his security.

God bless and keep President Donald Trump.