Saturday, February 18, 2017

When Serenity looks like Starhunter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was a large fan of the Joss Whedon series, Serenity or Firefly. FOX ruined it all by canceling it, and it never had the opportunity to develop. So I was looking for other type programming and came across something on Amazon which caught my attention, as one of the feedback left stated, "If you think this looks like Serenity, then think again, because Starhunter appeared years before."

It was interesting in this, in Uwe Boll in the second Bloodrayne featured the star of Starhunter in Michael Paré, who is a most gifted actor.

As I had the opportunity to watch Starhunter, I had to agree that Serenity was inspired by Starhunter's creator and writer..........

Oooops, because if this is what Joss Whedon did, that sort of is called plagiarism, and plagiarists tend to get sued to absolute bankruptcy.
Then again Serenity is based on a cowboy western in outer space, which is exactly what Gene Roddenberry wrote Star Trek TOS to be............

Once again, another lawsuit of bankruptcy proportions.

Starhunter reminds me a bit of  Red Dwarf which is a brilliant English space comedy and Cowboy Bebop, which is a brilliant Japanese anime. In the 1960's rock bands gained inspiration on each side of the ocean in American and England in being inspired by the other's work. All the same, it is a sticky issue in Hollywood of people stealing the intellectual property of others.

Michael Paré is ten times the actor of Joss Whedon's Nathan Fillson.

Michael Paré Picture

Tanya Allen is every bit the actress Jewel Staite is, and Claudette Roche excels past Gina Torres.

Tanya Allen PictureClaudette Roche Picture

It reminds me a great deal of the wonderful work of Adam West in establishing Batman and being passed over by liberal plagiarist Hollywood.

It bothers many people in the closed guild of Hollywood which bars people from acting unless one has a SAG card, and you can not get a SAG card without acting, to watch these Obama Clinton liberals like Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillson tamper in the United States elections in 2016. The worst of it is, is that Fillson is an Alberta Canuck, sucking money and jobs out of America, with his Joss Whedon enabler and the mystery is whether this creation of Canada which spawned Starhunter twenty something, actually was the program which started Serenity which made Joss Whedon a fortune.

Some powerful Canadian and English executives to be stealing from.

It is the way it is though in the long history of this leftist artistic ilk in the deserving end up on the sidelines and the pets end up with the fans and mansions.

If Whedon did this, then Firefly was better, but then Whedon had a FOX, the larger cast, more money and access to a wider acting pool.

Writers like Nelu Ghiran, never received the millions nor did the cast of Starhunter, because people are not aware of their work, because like Batman, Joss Whedon could not hat tip to including them in Serenity, but then if he did, he would owe a pile of cash to the creators.

Starhunter is a series with a story which is worthy of a fan base and people to watch it. No it is not great green screen special effects, nor great soundtracks, but it is a story, and we will never know why a fan on Amazon noted that Serenity looks a lot like Starhunter.