Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Gun of your very Own

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is an interesting project which I came across in it is perfectly legal to make your own guns, and in this theory, in a gun buy back of several hundred dollars, for less than that cost, a gunsmith novice could make one for turning in.

This is just for the files as I can not afford the 12 dollars for the blueprints, but then a picture is worth a
thousand words.

Or even the picture of the prints which was published on Guns America.


 The thing I was most interested in, was apparently the solution of making a firing pin spring from piano wire. That is something for a novice to keep in mind, as I have an old 22 rifle and an older shotgun, which both have springs in need of replacement.

for Gun Buyback .22 — is primarily built around a frame or receiver, a barrel, a slide and a spring. All four components can be manufactured from basic stock materials including the spring, which is music wire turned around a drill bit. Other components and features can be added to the design but as it is it’s a complete, functioning firearm.
 Oh well that is about all there is in the free version.

The GB-22 is chambered for .22 Long Rifle, which means that the design doesn’t require headspacing or anything else requiring specialized tools. It doesn’t have a magazine so it can fire from an open bolt.

“First, there’s the very mundane but very unnecessary step of cutting up the materials with a bandsaw,” said Serbu. His design uses steel bar stock for the bolt and barrel. “The frame was cut by a waterjet … it could also have been laser-cut or cut with a jigsaw. Or if you’re desperate, a hacksaw.”
The design still requires simple tools and the knowledge to use them, but with enough trial and error and steel building a GB-22 could be a matter of routine. Serbu uses a CNC machine and other equipment from his shop to assembly his GB-22.  But as mentioned, users can assemble a GB-22 with simple hand tools.  Of course, it’s going to be more labor intensive.