Friday, March 3, 2017

Concerning new President Trump Reversals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These are the latest reversals from David John Oates on the Rense Program.

Just remember the post of God's fury at what is taking place against President Trump.

At the Speech to both Houses of Congress, President Trump was not congruent, or on the same subject as the forward subject, which never occurred before.

Something disturbing is taking place, and the President is aware of it, and starts out in addressing Pence and Ryan, and in reversal stating IT'S SIN AMERICA. Something very vile is taking place in DC.

The President repeated twice the I WILL MISS YOU, part of which is missing America from his youth in the Golden Age, but the disturbing part of this is the President clearly stated YOU'RE VILLAIN HE'LL BE DECEMBER.
The President is aware of something evil projected for that month.

President Donald Trump

F 35 fighter - I face you the error (Mr. Oates stated this was TERROR and not ERROR, but it is not. The F 35 was a problem in design and Mr. Trump is fixing it on price.)

Work that remains to be done - I will miss you

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President - It's a sin America

Trade deficit debt - He leaves a waste (Obama)

American child grow up in safe community - our little babies

Education is the civil rights issue of our time - We shit

Come home - Have your Vets now

A message of unity and strength - Your villain he'll be December

Dreams of our people - Miss you Miss you (TL concludes that the President misses the American Dream of Mr. Trump's youth.)

Set free the dreams of our people - the beast and it used Obama

This is the Florida Rally

Underestimated the power of the people - They damn us

A poll came out - I make war (on media)

Take a look at the polls - To kill a guest

oath of office - I'll seal the law suit (restricting immigration)

human trafficking - he'll look at the lies

government can be helpful - internet crime

the snake poem - he sucked Obama's Barry (invaders performed oral sex on Obama to get invaders protected. Donald Trump KNOWS Obama is a fag and sex was part of the American Genocide)

Shep Smith

Fake news - Forsake badperson

Avoiding Russian hacking - It's all bullshit

George Bush

open immigration policy - all is over

recommend as special prosecutor - Canada leak (NSA listening station in Canada heard something)

Hillary Clinton

God bless America - Sell God

Diverse backgrounds - So we serve it

Persistence - You fell

those who helped us - Your wolf sad (Hillary is sad)

Nuff Said