Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Is there an Andrew Jackson in Donald Trump

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The Presidency of Donald Trump has been brought to the point of impeachment due to the factors of:

Steve Bannon political theorism projects Donald Trump as expendable in the Samson Gambit of the President is expendable as long as the regime is pulled down.

Paul Ryan intrigue with Mike Pence which views Mr. Trump as expendable, as Pence will be President, and bringing Mr. Trump to Congressional ruin over Obamacare 2.0 or other investigations are the flank and right cross maneuvers.

Ivanka Trump as Madame President bastardizing American voting for Trudeau Obama communism

With the outside coup forces of Bush fam, and the coup of image Obama for the perpetuation of the communist organized state for American genocide with full embrace of Hillary Clinton in 2020, the President of the United States is expended in betrayal, political theory, political intrigue and his daughter's leftist fem fatale.

It is deemed if the President moved early he would be impeached on grounds of tyranny, as the courts have been mustered against him thoroughly.

Considering Mr. Trump's position as chief law enforcement officer, his FBI is against him, his CIA is in rebellion, his Homeland is neutral at best and the Secret Service rains avenues of attack, as the Pentagon receiving bribes, as James Mattis promotes Obama global warming, the reality is Mr. Trump does not have the security services backing.

With Peter King of the non committal Republicans following the Howard Baker Watergate mode, the President has absolutely no allies on Capitol Hill.

In all of this assessment, President Trump could not rise to Lincoln refusal to disobey the courts nor does Mr. Trump have the standing that Mr. Lincoln had in hiding behind his huge Army of the Potomac against enemies foreign and domestic.

Donald Trump does not have it in him at this stage to be an Andrew Jackson in destroying his enemies. There has not been any semblance of the prowess of Richard Nixon captured too deep in his own coup to extricate himself from it. In that the bulwark of the political and police state protection which the Lame Cherry advocated for President Trump has not been developed and in reality, President Donald Trump is incapable of a necessary crackdown as Muslim President Erdogan of Turkey effectively removed 10,000 of his chief plotters.

All things are possible in transformations of Ivan to Ivan the Terrible in personal events to bring about the necessary tyrant in all leaders, but in the example of Adolf Hitler who was never supreme leader of Germany, but merely the leader of a group of political officer gauleiters looking after their own interests, as much as Martin Bormann betraying Adolf Hitler to his enemies, that the reality cements that President Trump does not even have an effective police state in a Heinrich Himmler nor an effective propaganda apparatus as Joseph Goebbels.  A Twitter account simply is not a shield when the daughter has joined the palace coup and the system which protects itself will not protect the President, but replace the President with another device inserted at 1600 Penn Avenue to protect the system.

President Trump has been ill advised, ill used and wasted the time necessary in tearing down the system, without equally preparing the police state devices to protect him and remove those in the system who are performing this coup.

Mr. Trump was voided of the Patriots, Christians and Loyalists who would have accomplished the Jackson, Lincoln and Nixonian protocols to spare him, from the final solution of a crackdown as in Turkey to save the revolution as George Washington rose to in 1776, or if he will be led away like Richard Nixon, this time in handcuffs as the political theater is preparing the mob for such a Khadaffi or Mubarak event structure, because we are dealing with the children of Waco and Ruby Ridge, in the police state which spied on Mr. Trump will not content itself ever to allow the followers to rise up again. The system has learned that one can not just eliminate the George Allen's and scatter the Tea Party. The system must instead consume the civilian population as in modern warfare against Germany and Japan in World War II, for a leader is nothing without the resistance of a united group behind them.

The Lame Cherry warned of all of this, and now the manifestations are appearing for the removal or impeachment of Donald Trump, and this coup will not content itself with an old man on trial humiliated like Saddam Hussein, but will be intent on completing the American Genocide in vanquishing every voice with the crushing blow of the Soviet NKVD.

In that is the lesson of Star Trek in the study of good and evil. They both employ the same methods to achieve power and hold it. The difference is that when Mr. Trump was afforded his few months to build his police state, he instead allowed the police state to enact its coup against him.

The same advice is now the rule in expecting the reality that the Great Tribulation is coming, and not to make yourself a target of the police state, pay your taxes and be prepared to exist in silence as the system is moving against the President, and Mr. Trump knows the traitors and treachery, but has not initiated the necessary protections to protect his Administration nor the supporters who do not have the million dollar lawyers or bank accounts to flee what is coming.

Unless the President finds the leader in him to deal with the coup against him, he will be led away as an example by the system and those who followed him, to forever scatter them.

They mock you Sir, because they do not fear you, nor your police state.

President Trump, sir, you are no Andrew Jackson

Welcome to Nashville, Mr. President, and welcome to the home of Andrew Jackson. I understand that you are an admirer of America's first truly popular ...

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