Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mr. President Would You Mail Me Something

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Johnston speculated that Trump might have been the person who mailed the figures to him.
“Donald has a long history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it’s in his interest,” Johnston said. “With Donald, you never know.”

So now we know that lezbo Rachel Maddow and her sheep dog looking leaker DC Dave, are going with the story that President Trump jumped the White House fence, sprinted to a nearby jet, flew to New York, where he ran over to a mail box to mail the front two pages of his tax returns from whenever and then ran back, flew back and jumped back, before the Secret Service knew he was gone.


I have a request for President Trump as I never got a decoder ring and a 6 figure salary for putting him into office, that he might send me something, as image Obama did send me two very well educated, trained and professional Homeland agents to interview me, that maybe President Trump could send me........

I am thinking...........

No, I hate golf......

Hate cities.......

Hate people.........

He can't send me some of the boy's guns as that is illegal in the mail according to BATFE.......

I like I make my own. they would spoil and without poison what good would that be for coyotes in predator control work......

Esther got offered half the don't want no Queendom as probably would have golf, cities and people in it.........and probably coyotes.

Oh I know, I was going to show you the bastard emails I get in how tards think it is funny kicking poor folks around.

Anneke just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal. Paypal recommends to withdraw it now.
Today, 2:50 PMYou Anneke just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal.

Best of luck!

I took the link off in this phishing scheme as I am not John Podesta.......say did anyone ever wonder if John Podesta clicked on that email deliberately to provide himself cover for leaking, as after all he was Hillary's IC handler......and she never fired him, so her owners had her stuck with him.........
And you do not suppose that the pervs who framed him with pedogate pizzagate, might have been the Clinton insiders, pissed that Podesta was working with the Russians to stop Hillary Clinton...........

I like the name Anneke.

No I am not asking for the President to name me Anneke.

Say did you see this:

Pretty good eh, son in law made it to the big times and is famous out of pop in laws shadow, and all his family had to do is pimp out Ivanka. I thought that goy thing disappeared when you converted to the skull cap, but you know that Ivanka might be a left legger and got caught while the Vulcan live long and prosper sign was being shown.
I could see that Donald gets them grandbabies all alone and Baptizes them too with all that laying on of the hands going on with them Preachers. I would like to be Baptized by a Black Preacher, but them nuns got me in the hospital, and gave me a skin disease from their dirty holy water, but got saved anyway by a Lutheran who did the absolution.

Told you, a left legger

You did get that part about Podesta right?

Maybe President Trump is pleased that Ivanka brought in 400 million, Amy Carter can't even get a dick and the Obama girls going blonde and a 60 million dollar book deal, can only suck on roaches, even with them big ole lips.

Ok am thinking, but you know I heard Doc Stanley today on the radio and he said you can't tell the King what you want or you lose your head, although I don't see the President really to the point yet he needs to be in putting the 007 License to Kill directive to get rid of his coup problems, but Doc was saying in the sermon that you have to mope around for awhile, but I do that already...........then again Nehemiah was the cup bearer or something, so the King could actually see the moping, and the President don't see my mopey blog, only heard about it in plagiarism in the big names used the ideas and ended up with the insider jobs.

Where was I..........

Oh yeah I am supposed to wait around for things, and it just occurred to me that the IRS is going to want some collectable the President would send, and make me pay taxes on it, and then I would have to sell it any way...........Nehemiah got put in charge of building the Jerusalem Wall though, kept them invaders out.

I don't know what would fit in my mail box, even though we got the big size,  that the President could send me, that I would really want. That really sucks in being so poor and yet such a wonder that God picks the biggest dud in the clay patch to work through, and I can't think of one thing the President could sprint out of the White House, jump the fence, and mail to me that I want.

I wonder if Tiffany is worth 400 million. Sorry just thinking, but then she did not marry a Jew and only smokes dope or something in recreation. I hope that it does not start a bidding war, but then Tiffany does not have Mrs. Rupe Murdoch forcing Ivanka to become a Jew as that Kushner would not become a Christian, but ole Wendi Deng put it all together again for them.

I still do not know what the President could mail me as I would be disappointed in a picture with something like

To La'me

Thanks for putting me into this crapper job.

Forever your scornful enemy, 
the President of the United States

Come to think of it, if I had a few million dollars, I would love to have an autographed photo like that........big one though in landscape size. That I would enjoy.