Friday, March 3, 2017

Outlaw USA: Why force Jeff Sessions to Recuse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is something all of you are missing in the Attorney Jeff Sessions attack by the fake news.

The Perjury Allegation against Jeff Sessions Is Meritless

The question is not why Jeff Sessions, but what is this combined democrat Al Franken, Patrick Leahy, and GOPliters John McCain and Lindsey Graham were so intent on moving Jeff Sessions out of the way.

This is not about the #NeverTrumper National Review's headline as that is another CIA diversion.

The driving point in this is not perjury or resignation, but recusing, as the perpetrators in this  set this up while image Obama was in the White House. This was the Val-erie Jarrett beachhead against President Trump, which was managed by Ben Rhodes on the inside, and we now know for certain that Sec. of State John Kerry and other trolls deliberately lowered classified document status in order to distribute it to the remaining trolls like Al Franken and Patrick Leahy who had witnessed these classified documents and framed the frame up of Jeff Sessions, so that it would become a Washington Post coup issue again.

This is a conspiracy and this is sedition against the United State Government. These are criminals, but if you examine all of this, there is a progression in this in Director Mike Flynn was targeted to remove him in the intelligence line of monitoring events, so the President would not be sucked into a Russian confrontation.

Next came Jeff Sessions, who is overseeing the fake news frame up of President Trump which is nothing. We know from democrat admissions as exposed here exclusively in the Lame Cherry, that this is about one issue, and it is not hacking, but it is about the paranoid reaction to how 'someone' overcame the Tavistock Stanford mind conditioning which created the Obama hysteria to the shattering of the tea party in 18 months.

This entire "investigation" is a cover for somethings else, yes plural. Those in the MKULTRA are focused on how the population control collapsed when going full bore. They had an entire scorched earth set up in the Brzezinski dominoes in wars from Iran to toppling Russia. President Trump is rightly standing in the way of another world war which America is being shoved into.
The way to enact that war though is to impeach President Trump and put Big Koch stooge Mike Pence into the White House with Jeb Bush as Vice President. They way to accomplish this is to go fake news on this in intelligence constructed which President Trump will now not see as Mike Flynn is gone and Jeff Sessions is recused.

The President is not being protected as this progression continues on in a Butterfield situation. The Lame Cherry warned everyone that this is about hearings, and about some surprise dork showing up from inside the numerous Obama Clinton Bush staff now implanted into the White House blurting out some revelation for some shock and awe.

Rep. Darrell Issa: Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself from ...

... Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself from Trump ... Now, we have this ... of the House and Senate to investigate within the special areas they oversee. ...

So the traitors have completed their mission at this point in the web and they are nameless in Justice Department. Do not miss that it was Justice Department which just preformed a coup against the Attorney General. Justice was the source in this.

Justice Dept: Sessions spoke with Russian ambassador in 2016

Sessions had two conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States during the presidential campaign season last year, contact that immedi…
San Francisco...23 hours ago

For the points in this, which do not matter in this lawlessness of Outlaw USA, is classified surveillance of the Russian Ambassador was handed over to attempt to frame Jeff Sessions, in the exact way fake news framed Mike Flynn.

The facts in this are Preibus, Walsh, Pence, McMaster, Conway, Kurschner and Bannon are not serving nor protecting the President. What has taken place is exactly what the Obamariot has plotted out by the evidence of  what has surfaced.

When President Trump states that the FBI can not find the leakers, perhaps the reality is the Obama FBI with Bush fam is providing cover in a stand down operation.

Where this is going is live broadcast of this frame up, for all the pretend shock of the fake news.

We are witnessing a very American Coup in Outlaw USA.

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