Sunday, March 19, 2017

President Trump Time to Appoint an Advocate to Protect American Westerners

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the Trump Administration finally hiring Kellyanne Conway's husband to tackle the Obama court insurrection attacks upon President, and Jeff Sessions firing the Obama federal prosecutors, perhaps it is time that the American West gain it's own protector from the Obama outlaws at Interior, BLM and USFWS who have been murdering and confiscating property from Americans in this region.

All of us are familiar with the Bundy saga, which after all being found not guilty in Oregon, have been hauled down to Nevada, sans LaVoy Finicum as he is in the grave, for prosecution in which the BLM stole Mr. Bundy's cattle, then appeared with firearms, taxed Mr. Bundy's son and then threw people into prison.
Bundy and his supporters then armed themselves which is their right, never threatened anyone in a peaceful protest, and then were charged years later in the same fake news charges as in Oregon.

What is glaring in this is the BLM head agent of Daniel P. Love, who never met a situation he could not inflame nor drive an American to suicide, who is apparently being protected by the judge in Nevada in the accused can not face their accuser in Love.

Judge Gloria Navarro presiding over USA vs Cliven Bundy says, if the Prosecution does not call Daniel P. Love to the stand she is leaning heavily toward not allowing the defense to call him to the stand either,” Jordan wrote.  “In a shocking statement made outside the earshot of the Jury this past Friday, Navarro said that she has no obligation to allow the defense to call the former Special Agent in Charge of the Bundy cattle impoundment to the stand for the purpose of impeaching his testimony to the grand jury.”

Where Daniel P. Love begins is where Special Agent Gregory Bretzing begins, in federal operation "to protect Indians from artifact hunters" in Operation Cerberus.

Dr. James Redd suicided by the Bureau of Land Management

The focus of this "sting" by Bretzing and Love, was the doctor above in Dr. James Redd. Love was absolutely relentless in hounding this old man, and this doctor who never harmed a soul in his life, came to the point due to Love's harassment, that he committed suicide in order to protect his family, as we have witnessed that Bretzing and Love will arrest anything that moves on any number of ridiculous charges.

Although Love was not directly involved in federal actions at the Malheur Refuge in Oregon last year, those operations were overseen by Greg Bretzing, with whom Love worked in coordinating and executing Operation Cerberus. Love is not alone in his extreme, militaristic approach to civil matters.

There have been far too many incidents in the American West, of ranchers driven off their lands and driven to their deaths, after being harassed by these Obama Bush Clinton operatives grabbing up American lands, and sealing it off for their cronies to make fortunes off of. If Senator Orin Hatch can raise hell about this, and other Congressman in the West introduce legislation to disarm these thugs with a trail of death in their ever rising and promoted careers, which in Love's case involved criminal wrong doing, and let us not forget in Bretzing's case in being lead agent where other FBI agents committed crimes in firing on LaVoy Finicum first and then covering up their actions, that Mr. Bretzing has yet to be removed as this was his responsibility, can not President Donald Trump appoint someone from the American West, who Western Peoples will trust, who like George Conway, will be an advocate for the Western Peoples, and make certain that these Obama zealots are removed from office, investigated before Grand Juries and in disarming this entire group, provide justice and protection for Americans West of the Mississippi.

The Lame Cherry has stated that there should only be three federal groups who should be armed: US Marshals, FBI and Border Patrol. If Homeland has a problem call the FBI. If BLM has a problem call the Marshals and if the Post Office has a problem call Border Patrol. These well paid gun thugs, driving around in taxpayer vehicles must be disarmed and put on foot. Their budgets must be cut and their staffs reduced by half, and it is a priority that all of these federal agencies only hire those people from the West and with oversight by State legislators.

It is time for healing in the American West. That begins with all charges dropped against the Bundy's, a full review for return of Federal lands to private ownership acquired since William Jefferson Clinton, and if there is not money budgeted to acquire lands in these agencies, then acquiring lands ceases, as when America owns most of the American West, that is a violation of State's Rights.

It is time for Donald Trump jr. to reach out to his father, engage Sec. Zinke to disarm his hosts and stop playing cuddle the Indians, and for an advocate to be named to implement solutions immediately so these Americans West of the Mississippi River will be able to live in peace again.

There has been too much career advancement over the persecution and murder of Americans by these thug state agencies. It is time for voices like Orin Hatch to be heard and advocates be put into place to protect Americans.