Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What is behind Ryancare TAX CREDITS?

The return of Rand Paul...

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In the Ryan Rationed Debt Care to replace Obamacare, you are reading about these states that expanded Medicare for Obamacare, like John Kasich in Ohio, and then these Senators like Rob Portman or whatever his name is from Ohio, at odds with Rand Paul of Kentucky who is calling this Obamacare Lite, which it is, but no one is telling you what is behind these "tax credits" or vouchers for the this is subsidized healthcare for people in the 75,000 to around 150,000 dollars a year in incomes.

That all seems puzzling, and it is, because why would Republicans be offering tax credits to people who really could afford health insurance?

The Lame Cherry will explain all of this, as this is the sticking point and Rand Paul is doing a disservice in not exposing this for what it is, and the Lame Cherry will explain what is behind this.

First I am going to break this down so you understand this in the plus minus.......people earning 50 to 100 thousand dollars are employed, so they are earning money.
That might seem unnecessary, but it is the basis of all of this graft as that is exactly what it is in these Big Koch oligarchs pushing this.

Why did John Kasich expand Obamacare in Ohio like other mafia insiders? Money of course, but not how you would think of it as money. See businesses have been crushed by these Teddy Kennedy social welfare benefits, and this was by design to bring in Obamacare as the medical industry was gouging people for the Rockefellers in profits of rationed death.

So a business could go bankrupt or spend forever in doing bookwork on health insurance, or Obama gave them a way out, as in Big Koch, in they could pay a fine and dump people onto Obamacare.........hence the John Kasich expansion of Medicare. This was a kickback to GOP business interests in the Chamber of Commerce, in sticking all of us with the bills for their damned Mexican imports which were appearing on public welfare rolls.

It is the same situation now with the upper income groups, who are employed by the oligarchs. Instead of those corporations paying health insurance, they have donated to Kasich or Portman or that hag from Alaska, who in turn with Paul Ryan write into federal law a system of "tax credits", so a corporation does not have to provide insurance and instead forces the tax payers to pay for these rich people's insurance, so the business does not have to, nor the employee in full.

Is this right in Davy Crockett economics? Not in the least, because this is making taxpayers pay for something which is robbing them and bankrupting the country, instead of a company working in a fair market to provide insurance or not provide insurance.......but in this Ryan Rationed Debt, WE THE PEOPLE do not have the choice in we have to buy insurance for others, even if we are told we are not mandated to buy our own Obamacare any longer.

As someone who does not have insurance and had to apply for an Obamacare waiver to stay out of prison, I suffer from illness and I have to get my ass up and work every day as there is not any alternative. When satan knocks me through two stories to a most interesting fall, I don't run to the emergency ward, as I can not afford it. By God's Grace I survive.
None of that might seem fair, but life is not fair. Obama destroyed the US economy to keep people from voting for people like Donald Trump to deliver them. That Obama Super Depression robbed me in donations, while people did not have money, and inflation robbed me for the Wall Street robber barons could drive up prices so I can not afford a home. In a real economy, I would be able to provide, but now I save money and do not buy insurance and trust in God that I keep going.

It is criminal to hand out tax deductions to people who have good jobs. Break it down to 50,000 a year, 15% income tax is 42,500 dollars.....and if there is other debt, then that is their problem as much as debt is my problem.
I have a rule that I never violate in if I do not have the money, then I do not buy it ever.

So God forbid I get busted up and linger and die, that is God's Will. In this world too many people get into Congress handing things out to people who are scared all the time. I die and it is over and there is no point in whining about it.

As Milton Friedman would say now in being a great economist, he would be raising hell, in if the GOP hands out tax credits, all that does is make people think this satan robbing system is working, when the fact is the medical profession is gouging people too much and corporations are not having their employees scream about it so it gets fixed.
When you get your car fixed, the mechanic gets paid 50 bucks an hour, no matter if it is a tire change or a transmission overhaul. The price goes up on parts and time spent. Doctors though charge different rates on appendix or heart and it is the same knife and stitches. That is where the cost overruns come in, as much as the monopoly of only a doctor can do minor surgery when any vet or nurse can treat the majority of people.

John Kasich does not give a damn about poor sick people. His leash is held by chamber of commerce and Big Koch, and he figures he can profit them in passing the debt to the US Treasury and more debt on taxpayers, and that is economic treason to Americans.

People find out what is behind this economic treason of the tax credits and raise hell about it, and these crooks will back down, and we will get a real health system built on fair insurance competition, cooperatives or health savings accounts, and reasonable care for all people in a Medicaid or Trumpshare policy where people are only charged 15% of their total income for insurance in what they can pay.

Paul Ryan robbing me to pay for your tax credit when you got the big house, the big boat, the atv and the nice cars, eating pizza every week in take out, does not solve things except for the oligarchs who have more money to bribe traitors in Congress and they all end up on pedo island.

Put it to the market and people will buy what they can afford, and insurance companies will produce policies which will offer the basic services all need, and the medical establishment will be forced to start working like mechanics and plumbers or even vets who are doing the same job, and it is not costing 100,000 dollars.

And there better be these words in this bill:



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