Saturday, March 4, 2017

Who is Betraying the American Left

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is not coincidence nor chance in the elite when their money is involved.

- Lame Cherry

All of you reading this, or bothering to start reading this are wondering what the Lame Cherry could be driving at in asking who it could be who would be betraying the American left, as you would note that they are being paid to protest, funded by millions of dollars, have the media promoting them, are rioting, having twerps like Ashton Kutcher or whatever his name is of the Hollywierd left ranting about Ashley Judd rotten crotch women, and have the full backing of Maxine Waters and you are thinking that no one has abandoned them..........

and if you are astute you have caught exactly the abandonment, because in well scripted and devised protests of the legends of the 1960's, women were certainly never turning people off about their menstrual cycles and can anyone compare the strength of Martin King in image to Maxine Waters, being allowed to go on camera being a maniac who has no idea what the subject is that she is even speaking on.

Do you get that point to understand that no one in power, real power is getting out ahead of this rent a riot. It is not even Nancy Pelosi using that neurotic Cindy Sheehan to hound President Bush, so Pelosi could seize power and then Nancy kicked Cindy to the curb. See that is real power. That is the implement of lunatic surrogates as weapons to gain power, but in all of this funded insurrection, there is not any leadership appearing with it.

Did you see Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, image Obama or Hillary Clinton showing solidarity with the rent a riot at Standing Rock? Hell Obama touched down out there in Indian country and pressed the flesh when he needed them, but when it came time to stand against the pipeline, all the leadership were gone. So the Indians were left with 200 truck loads of human excrement, paid for by Soros, costing North Dakota 30 million dollars and the Sioux out there are now begging like in Custer's day, for someone to come out there from the federal government to get those damned terrorists off their reservation.

Betrayal and Abandonment. So who is doing it and why.

Review for a moment the Obama Wall Street protest which was all regime backed, and those grubbers fornicating on the street or shitting on cars. They had the covert backing and political muscle of an organization to intimidate the elite to handing over money to the Obama regime.

Think carefully now as you review the Neo Left in America. Think of the Snowflakes in if they are portrayed as strong or weak. You know they are portrayed as victims, as helpless, in needing protection, not able to stand up for themselves.
Is that not a contrast to the Black Lives Matter militants and Black Panthers going into Ferguson or Chicago in raising hell and intimidating the locals?
The dangerous black, the helpless white, the marching mob of Mexican. Someone is conditioning the image deliberately for a purpose.

Think about the protests. Recall what you have heard. Tired old slogans from the 1960's and are they being blown out by strong male voices or bull horns? No, if you listen, you are hearing pathetic bleats from pubic girls of few in number, all sounding like they are the bunny about to be eaten by the coyote.

Think about Hillary Clinton, if you heard that gaggle of girls who met her at the Capitol after she lost the election. It was nothing but these whimpering sobs from women who could not save themselves if their lives depended on it, and their heroine arose to be Nasty Ashley Judd not roaring into a mic, but snarling in reading a rant by a girl child whose identity was pubic blood on her sheets.

All of this has been by design. It is by purpose and intent.

Return to Martin King, Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chisholm of the 1960's and what appeared was a powerful message. Martin King told Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek that she could not leave the program, because her image was too powerful for the movement in a strong black woman, and now what we have for women is that ranting Maxine Waters, that nasal Scarlett Johanssen or that Ashton Kutcher bawling about child traffick while trying to sell his program for profit.

The Lame Cherry is making you aware of this, because yes this rent a riot is meant to thwart President Trump in making America great again, but it will not stop it. It is the elite who knows this rent a riot is being presented as weak and feckless. It is the same elite who had Bill Clinton shatter the Democratic Union party and the same elite who had Barack Obama sodomize the Democrat moral party, and have shoved that party so far over the edge that all they have left for advocacy is their own genocide by child rape and insurrection. That is not a movement, that is national suicide as aborticide and homocide have not worked.

I was going to write this all up in a note to Rebecca Shapiro of Huffington Post, as she had posted a "scathing Leonard Pitts jr evisceration of President Donald Trump" in an editorial in the Miami Herald. What the editorial was, was the mirror image of Ashley Judd's nasty old crotch in too well worn in 60's slurs about Nazi's and too in need of lubrication in the empty use of "troll",  to ask "Who in the hell Donald Trump thought he was".

Seriously, Sol Alinsky, Bill Ayers or Gloria Steinem, would never have been caught dead associating their name with someone named PITTS. That is what is glaringly wrong with this entire well funded organism, is little Jewish girls with Anneberg educations named Rebecca Shapiro are in that pimp curb of disgusting association, where to get the exposure to get the 6 and 7 figure salaries they are sullying themselves with thee worst diatribe and derelicts of this debaucherous helpless culture of victims. Can anyone equate I HAVE A DREAM with Nasty Woman or Just who in the hell do you think you are?

I am not stating that the deep state of the 1960's which overthrew the CIA to inflict the counter culture on America in dope, debauchery and mayhem did not have its expendables in Bill Ayers blew up his followers and Charlie Manson and the family is still in prison, but the expendables used to be not at the Huffington Post media types as that is where the Woodwards of the CIA crafted the message that the elite quoted. None of the elite are present though as no one wants to be associated with the shit pile of a Sioux Indian reservation.

To the point, those behind this in funding it, are deliberately crafting a message which is tainting people with the promise that greater things are ahead, and all of these people in this rent a riot from the media to the shores of the Missouri River are all expendable, for what is being plotted next.

In projection of this, psychologically if one keeps sending the mullahs out in Islam stoking rage, you end up with Brzezinski terrorists. The Vatican prospered in this in Northern Ireland with the IRA. History shows the cause and effect. It is logical to conclude that as Obama's black revolution consumed Cornell West, and has been replaced with Islamic militancy which has more minders from the deep state as imported terrorists, that what follows is someone is generating an American Helter Skelter as the communist extension of the CIA did for profit in the Manson family, as it did with Bill Ayers in the Weather Underground. It appears that the Snowflake victim which Darwin would naturally select to extinction is being produced as a human implode in a group of psychotics who will accept any orders for the color of money, whether hip deep in Sioux shit or Huffington Post excrement.

Webster Griffin Tarpley stated in 2016 that Jeb Bush was to destroy the GOP, and the Democratic party would be split between Wall Street Clinton and comrade Bernie Sanders as the two ruling parties. The Sanders voters are the militant wing and the Clinton voters are the sobbing bunnies, with this fringe of rent a riot by Soros stoking things as the American terrorists. The problem in this God given age of Donald Trump as President is that the Americans elected Donald Trump, the GOP is in sedition against America and the democratic party is shattered, and is left with only anarchists performing as terrorists as the political minders in the fake news manufacture Pyongyang Propaganda to feed this unbalanced fringe to entice them to devolve to what the masters can utilize, but the masters do not want their hands full of shit or covered in blood from what they have birthed in this conception.

There is not going to be any lasting Martin King legacy from this. There is not any Nancy Pelosi power which will arise from this Snowflake, Islamic militancy nor Danger Black. These are the culls to be exploited in the left for a greater purpose, and in this American left, they are being betrayed for 30 pieces of silver and none of these bleating sheep know it.
They can snarl propaganda as at Standing Rock about a "fight" and "shooting back", but the militant left at this juncture which is expendable gets arrested or retreats further onto an Indian reservation where the Indians do not want this disgusting human refuse in their disgusting midst.

This is enough that you are aware of what is taking place. It will be of interest if the Lame Cherry will trigger minor reactions of bull horns or some desperate attempts to show strength in this rent a riot. If the elite will force some poor bastard who is expendable to have to lead this feces covered mob over the edge in ruining themselves, as image Obama and Hamrod troll from the shadows awaiting their opportunity to rise from the political Chelsea Clinton attempting to appear relevant on Twitter.

The American left is being betrayed by their masters. That is proven by the Lame Cherry. Soon we will discover just how expendable these pathetic creatures are in what the purpose of all of this is, as a new phase begins.

and do not think this manipulation is from Soros alone, but is from Big Koch's personal prick in Mike Pence, whose GOPliters are in bed with the Clintons and Obama exploiting all of this.

“Despite the best efforts of liberal activists at town halls across the country, the American people know better,” the vice president told the fired-up crowd. “Obamacare has failed and Obamacare must go.”
- Mike Pence

President Donald Trump is all America has to save her, and the world. The leftist culls do not understand this in what they are generating in Mike Pence is what they should fear as the handlers who sign their checks are the other side of the coin that they all have in their pockets.

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