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Why is Rex Tillerson still pouring Muslim Invaders into America?

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 There comes a time in this beyond the cover of Jimmy Kimmel Oscar smearing about refugees and immigrants not being allowed into the United States, when the reality of Corey Lewandowski's assessment is a proven fact that President Trump is being ill served by his inner circle, who are actually implementing the exact opposite in policies which the President promised Americans.

This is beyond treasonous 9th Circuit Court Orders in American Genocide, this is the fact that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has a responsibility to CUT MUSLIM NUMBERS ENTERING AMERICA, and he has not accomplished this.

Rex Tillerson is a James Baker III associate, as is Mike Pence, and while he was trusted for Russian policy for peace, the fact is developing that either Rex Tillerson is a Bushite or is incompetent, when one understands that his State Department let into American a North Korean delegation to negotiate with Bush, Clinton and Obama people, who would smear the President in this as incompetent and getting into bed with nuclear terrorists.

Jeb Bush Nuclear Jeopardy in the Coup Against President Trump

The fact is that Ann Corcoran has compiled these numbers and it is just mind boggling.

Total arrivals this fiscal year (which began on October 1, 2016) are at 36,822.  Last time we checked on 2/23 we were at 36,637.
President Trump has set the ceiling for this fiscal year which ends on September 30th at 50,000 (a number we argue is not that low when one examines all of the post 9/11 years, see here. Bush’s lowest year was 39,554).
47% of the 36,822 are Muslim refugees of some stripe.
Here is how they break down:
Ahmadiyya: 130
Shiite: 2,152
Sunni: 8,659
Muslim (who apparently don’t designate a sect): 6,547

I am going to use a picture to save 100,000 words in this, as it shows how 49 of the 50 States are literally dumping into their cities populations of Muslims who are at religicide with each other in Sunni and Shiite. That is what all of these Obama wars were about in these militant sects blowing up their nations, and now pouring into Europe and America, to bring their rape, murder and religious war against Christians and then each other.


This is beyond making any excuse for President Trump in this, because he is being manipulated to break a promise to the American People by people who appear incompetent, and groups of these Obama Clinton Bush trolls who are expanding the Muslim invasion.

 McMaster Pushed Trump To Soften Immigration Language

Yes the person who replaced Director Mike Flynn, is behind the new softer and kinder invader script. Pardon me, but when does the NSC whose only responsibility is THREAT ASSESSMENT, have a blessed thing to do with writing Presidential speeches to send the signal to rapists and murderers that American is open for genocide.

Indiana is taking in 710, Nebraska 800, Kentucky almost 1600, and that is in addition what these Lutheran, Catholic, Jewish charities have made a fortune relocating during the Obama years.
We know besides their being 3rd world psychopathis intent on murdering each other, that they are rapists, wife beaters, over sexed, over violent, anti American, pro Sharia and filled with disease. It costs around 30,000 dollars per invader to care for them, and that is all local community.

I was speaking to a store clerk I know whose daughter lives in the last place on earth in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and her daughter WARNED HER, "Mom you do know that there a bunch of foreigners up here now right, it is not like before".

That is what a safe zone in America is now, and the reason the People elected Donald Trump to put a stop to it, and yet nothing has been done, except a great deal of fanfare which was stopped, and the limits the President should have put on, have not been put into place.

I am going to reveal some personal information in this, as two years ago I happened to be in Kansas City, Kansas. TL decided that we should visit a Halal butchershop, and pick up some mutton for stew.
I happened to be wearing my military camo jacket with a nice United States flag on it. TL was concerned I was going to get killed and we were not going to get out of their alive, as it seemed to be a gathering place for Muslims to sit around, and Lord God if looks could kill, those Muslims were shooting daggers at me.

I got a Saddam Hussein refresher course, as the head butcher's son was all smiles in pretending to like America, while the rest of the mob was thinking death to America. I tend to not be bluffed by situations, but it is the point that this was Muslim central, and this is the way all Muslims are when they get a surprise of a popular girl reminding them of things.

Yes they were all that flea bitten wool lot sitting around, looking like you could grow tomatoes on their costumes if the lice did not suck the life out of the seedlings before they sent down their tap root, but this is the reality of what is all through America, and it all goes back to the reality that what President Trump is saying, is not being carried out by those he has appointed.
That goes back to Ashkenaz liberal Jared Kurschner, Jesuit convert Mike Pence, Grecko Reince Priebus of Big Koch and DIA intelligence officer Steve Bannon, who listened to Jim Baker to appoint Rex Tillerson, who seems like a great guy on paper, but apparently at best is being led around by the nose by his treacherous State Department Staff working to impeach Donald Trump.

It would seem  that instead of the White House insiders phishing for my information, that someone there should have Ann Corcoran on speed text as she is the expert in this invasion situation which President Trump should be hearing.

Perhaps instead of listening to Sean Spicer duel with the press every day, the President should instead have certain sites that he should be reading the headlines from to understand how real American are seeing things, because this is absolute bullshit in how President Trump is being deceived on all of this.

Iran states it has a terror army inside America to attack Americans. President Assad of Syria stated that ISIS was coming in with these invaders. If 1% of these 50,000 are terrorists, that means 500 suicide bombers are loose now in American communities, and you are paying to feed and house them, until they detonate some device as is the practice in Paris.

It is damning when Angela Merkel's Germany has plans to mass deport Muslims, and all the Department of State has is plans to import more Muslims into America.

Leaked Doc Shows Germany's Plan For Mass
Deportations Of Muslim 'Refugees'

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