Monday, April 24, 2017

A Butterfly in Syria

 Editors Note: This is a stand alone post due to the necessity of understanding the severity of the damning content.

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Four Days after the Ivanka Trump Tomahawk missile attack upon Syria, which was directed by NSA Director HR McMasters, there was produced a criminal document of fraud by HR McMasters in the White House Intelligence Report which stated the following quote from McMasters, and every member of the NSC, including Dina Powell:

An open source video also shows where we believe the chemical munition landed [Emphasis Added]—not on a facility filled with weapons, but in the middle of a street in the northern section of Khan Shaykhun. Commercial satellite imagery of that site from April 6, [Emphasis Added] after the allegation, shows a crater in the road that corresponds to the open source video.
NSA Director HR McMaster

The above quote is quoting the above photo from the video which apparently the NSC is sourcing YouTube as evidence to take military action and begin global wars, and most troubling in this is HR McMaster who was wildly praised by another military veteran in Vietnam veteran pilot, John McCain, is that both of these military men should from intimate contact know that the above munition could not have been dropped from a Russia MIG or American fighter.

The Lame Cherry explains this, because EVERY American pilot and weapon's squad knows the above photo evidence is absolutely fake and here are the damning reasons.

The Syrians fly the MIG 23 and as evidence below, it carries standard 300 to 500 plus pound bombs.

MiG-23 "Flogger" Technical Data.

Max Payload: 6,614 lb (3,000 kg) PROPULSION: ... Bomb: 250/500 kg conventional, ... Much improved Chinese variantloosely based on MiG-21 and MiG-23, license-built by ...

That weight is important as here is a reported photo of a Syrian MIG 23 on a bombing run.

Notice anything interesting about the above bomb? As perhaps it looks  almost as big a the jet? As in this bomb is almost as long as a human.

Here is a visual assortment of bombs a MIG 23 carries, and also it's missile compliment for firing at other jets as in Air to Air Missiles, and AA Missiles do not have any room for sarin gas.

Now look at the photo of the puny casing, and I do use the term CASING specifically, as this was NOT A BOMB. The above sarin casing resembles instead something in the range of the 75 mm cannon round.

75 MM Shell top 50 BMG rifle Shell below

The reason the term shell and casings are important is because they are fired from cannons on the ground and NOT dropped from fighter jets. What the above sarin photo looks to point to is a Russian steel casing as the Russians manufacture affordable ammunition for rifles and cannon, instead of American's who utilize the more expensive brass or more or this is what it appears in a very old cannon shell casing which was loaded and exploded by John McCain terrorists by a charge pack.
Size matters and the sarin casing is what matters as the Professor, Theodore Postol,  who exposed all of this stated that the above photo looked liked someone put an explosive charge on a this device and that is why it flattened, as it was not dropped out of anything.

Pictured below is a warhead from an American Honest John, which disperses sarin gas. You will notice that it has numerous round spheres, in order to protect the sarin, as it is a volatile substance in not being harmful to humans, but it should never be exposed to fire or heat, and if you study the above photo, there is severe charring around that small crater, providing additional proof that this was not sarin as everyone is being lied to concerning this Turkish intelligence forensic confirmation.

The above crater appears in the category of a high temperature high explosive due to the charring of the crater. Again the Americans in their Honest John, utilized small spheres in a bit shell casing,  which progresses the reality that this chemical could not be what it was stated, as it is not heat activated as in the German Zyklon and heat would have interfered with the process and purpose of the munition.

One has to understand the simple physics of dropping bombs. The above sarin crater bomb probably weighed 20 pounds. Ask yourself why it is Americans and everyone else only drops 250 to 2000 pound bombs off of jets?

A jet moves at 500 miles per hour. If a pilot tried to drop a 20 pound bomb, it would be like your throwing a popscicle stick out of your window at 50 mph and trying to hit a mailbox. It would not by turbulence ever hit any target.
In addition, a bomb has to DROP away from a plane, not be released and smash back up into a wing as a 20 pound bomb would, as it would detonate on the plane or hit a wingman jet trailing.
In addition, no MIG is equipped, nor is any other aircraft by the above visual evidence to be capable of loading onto their bomb or missile brackets a shell this small.

As one can see by the above photo, cannon casings come in a wide assortment of dimensions and lengths. The one in the center appears to be the culprit in the 75 to 76 mm class of shells.

The point in this all returns to the above expose' in HR McMaster is touted as a military genius having written on Vietnam to much acclaim. He would know immediately as the Professor did, that the situation involving chemical weapons did not fit with the rescue workers photographed and the munition was all wrong.
Think of it this way in if you were shown a picture of a laptop bomb, and you saw a computer sitting there, you would immediately know the difference. Anyone in the military who has been involved in anything knows the difference between cannon shells and bombs, and yet McMaster's reviewed this video and swore this was dropped from a Syrian fighter jet when it NEVER could have been.
Everything from the charring, the shell, the size, the impact are all absolutely wrong. Again, this is the advisor to President Donald Trump who is telling him along with the Kushners to trust terror state China, bomb Syria and that the Russians are resident evil, and has caused all of this nuclear saber rattling we are all cringing under.

HR McMaster on the above evidence should be removed, as much as everyone at NSC who signed off on this as it was a criminal cover up, for an illegal attack which came out of advice given the President.
Sec. Mattis of Defense equally shares the responsibility, as if this General does not recognize military munitions nor understand the dispensation of chemicals or why a fighter jet physically can not drop a 20 pound bomb off an aircraft moving at 500 mph, this incompetent must be sent packing too and civilian leadership must be restored to both the NSC and Department of Defense who are not best friends of the Kushners nor praised by John McCain.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as no one else will accomplish the job in attempting to serve President Donald Trump to not start world war based on fake intelligence and criminal cover up reports.

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