Sunday, April 23, 2017

Citizen Trump

Citizen Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you wondered why no one in the White House gives a damn about leakers, including Katie Walsh, who was only fired by Trump, as Sean Spicer in reverse speech noted was because she was on her knees, is because they are all best friends with the media as Politico noted.

Bannon, it is worth noting, is a devoted reader of the “neoreactionary” internet philosopher Curtis Yarvin, an advocate of the strategic benefits of spreading misinformation. But two people close to the administration say that White House staffers do much of their lying for sport, rather than to further any larger agenda.
“They all lie,” said a conservative journalist with close ties to the West Wing, who described an informal contest to smuggle the biggest whoppers into print. “It’s a game to them.”

All of this from the Kushner Bannon feud is condoned by Donald Trump, and he is more than aware of it, as he fosters it to bring drama to the White House and exploit the latest WWE grudge match.
Bannon gets told to shut up by Trump, but Kushner keeps texting Morning Joe to keep the feud going,  while each of them are busy speed dialing every reporter in a game of lies, so the entire nation and world now believes absolutely nothing coming out of this White House's mouth.

It over extends at times, with the missing Air Craft Carriers, when someone in the Pentagon who still believes that Donald Trump is a KGB agent deliberately lies to Mattis, who then tells Trump that the carriers are an armada steaming toward Korea.......and the problem is as the overseas press investigates, is that the carriers are at anchor and not moving.
Not an acceptable thing in lying to the media when nuclear saber rattling is involved.

He built his career by being media-friendly. The last 18 months have been something of an aberration in his approach,” said Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a Trump confidant who has known the president for 20 years. “I’ve always said he’s just creating a negotiating position by calling the press the enemy of the people. I don’t think he believes that deep down.”

Ruddy is a Hillary Clinton supporter and a constant enough in meeting Trump while playing golf.

I keep bringing up the point in this that when Donald Trump failed at Obamacare 2.0, his first calls were to the New York Times and Washington Post. Donald Trump's BEST MEDIA FRIEND is Robert Costa of the Washington Post, and his position with Trump is so secure that it gained Costa the starring roll on PBS's Washington Week in Review, where Costa last week beamed in typifying his Trump as baboon with chimp for brains.

Donald Trump USED the right wing media, from those he paid for who I will not mention and those he spoke to in Alex Jones and Michael Savage. There was this bizarre story coming from Gordon Duff, of Veterans Today which absolutely sounded crazy, but Duff was telling Jeff Rense that early on, Trump's people were enlisting this Bernie Sanders liberal for guidance.
Donald Trump played everyone, and that includes Christians and Loyalists. It was all a sucker bet on the right as that is all we had as no one else was going to beat Hamrod, and now as the smoke clears this is the reality:

Sean Hannity has not had one interview with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has vanished from all right wing media.......even that fraud Mike Pence has left the building.

The people Donald Trump is talking to, as dialing up are the fake news leftists, and everyone who is getting stories are the leftists.

Ask yourself how is it that Mike Cernovich is getting his stories? They are being planted by one group in the White House in not a war, but as a generating factor to make each of you think this West Wing Cabal is on the ropes.
If you want to know what Donald Trump is, you can know first hand from Charlie Rose and Donald Trump's BFF in Roberta Costa, as Costa informed the world and these Intelligence Minders have tracked exactly what is going on in the Residence of 1600 Kushner Avenue, because the Secret Service is confirming it to  them.

In 1984, Playboy in the November and December issue, produced a series called Citizen Hughes, in it Costa gives a glimpse who Donald Trump is.

In the 1970's, Hughes sat naked, unkempt in this Vegas hotel suite, with a remote control and his color televisions watching the world, as he fired off memos to "Bob Maheu" about how the world should be run. Long fingernails and a fixed insanity on the media, and that is what Costa paints as the profile of Donald Trump as Trump gets up between 3 and 5 am each day, sits alone in the Residence, and then flicks through the television programs.....Morning Joe is now out, but it is insider enough to know that FOX and Friends is on the agenda, and that is who Donald Trump's companions are, as he moves through his favorite fake news, as according to Costa, Donald Trump is still the television reality show star in Trump's mind, and there is not any difference between ratings and polls.
That is what Costa was puzzled by during the campaign in Trump constantly confused the two, in polls were ratings and he would rant to Costa in "Look at the Ratings of my campaign".

The work by Michael Drosnin was one of the pioneering works in exposing the political graft in Howard Hughes buying up both parties in America from Nixon's Republicans to Humphrey's Democrats, each given a million dollars in 1968 in the back of a limo, and how it all related to Watergate in Richard Nixon always thought Watergate was about the Kennedy's discovering the money flow to the Nixon campaign.

As Pat Buchanan who worked for Richard Nixon once noted from another Nixon confederate, "Watergate was about those things Nixon was always telling us to do and we never did it, but some damn fool did".

President Donald Trump is in intimate contact with leftist shills of the intelligence community who know exactly what Mr. Trump is doing in the Residence, and they are painting a picture of him in the Howard Hughes mode of this reclusive savant who is half mad and half tv remote.

What the President cuddles up to, is the President's problem as he is the one creating this as he deliberately cut out Christians and Loyalists from election night on and brought in the very stooges all of us had the sense to stay the hell away from.

So we begin a world war, with fake news, a fake news war by Donald Trump against fake news, all based on fake leaks and fake intelligence.

Trump’s Fake War on the Fake News

The president puts on a big show of assaulting his “opposition” in the news media. But inside the White House, it’s a different story.

Of course Politico is part of this sowing dissension and disbelief, but it would not be resonating unless Donald Trump had instigated it in his WWE protocols and then betrayed his voting base constantly over the past three months.

Now Mr. Trump sits for 3 hours in his Residence alone, except for the spies from Secret Service to Ivanka Trump filling in the details of the images of a man alone in the dark, and making every political decision based on what the skirt whores of FOX are saying needs to be done to raise his ratings in this reality television as confirmed by later phone calls with Robert Costa of the DIA Washington Post.